Part 3

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Khushi looked at the photo which had hers and Arnav's picture. Maybe it was taken during holi. He was applying color on her face. The way he was looking at her in that pic, brought an adorable blush on her cheeks. How she wished she could remember those things! But Alas she cannot.

I love you Mr.Raizada! she murmured looking at the photo.

She looked at the door when she heard a knock on the door. She looked at Anjali.

"Di why are you standing there, come inside. And why do u need my permission?"

Anjali smiled and came inside.

"No Khushiji, I need to ask permission before entering a couple's room" she teased.

Anjali looked at the pic Khushi was admiring. She felt very bad for Khushi. She just prayed that Khushi gets her memory soon.

She looked at the stars and smiled. The room was half according to Arnav's likes n half according to Khushi's.

"You know the day you changed this room chotte was so frustrated but then he got used to it"

This was a news for Khushi.

"I used to trouble him a lot right?"

Anjali laughed. She patted Khushi's cheek.

"Yeah, you both used to fight like tom n jerry. You always used to trouble him n in return he would trouble you" Anjali's expression changed to sad ones, "of rather hurt you. But after your marriage, chotte has changed a lot. He started getting used to your likes. Thank you for coming into his life Khushiji" Anjali stated happily.

Khushi just smiled.

He got adjusted to my likes. Why should he adjust for me?


It was quite a hectic day for Arnav. He just wanted a sound sleep after this hectic schedule. He just entered his room and the view just surprised him, or rather shocked him. In no minute he lost his temper. Who changed the setting of his room? It wasnt the way it was before- half according to his Khushi's likes n half according to his likes. It was completely changed to the way he likes. Yes in the beginning when Khushi had changed the room he was irritated, but later he started liking it or rather loving it.

It was a precious memory of him with his Khushi. He gritted his teeth. He knew it must be Khushi's work, after all only she can do this for him.

He saw her entering the room with a smile and that's it. He pinned her to the wall just before shutting the door. She was shocked seeing this act. She had never seen him so furious.

"Who.changed." He asked stressing each word.

Doesn't he like it?

"I did it..why what happened?" She tried to be as calm as possible.

He clutched her shoulders n his nails were poking her. It was hurting her. Khushi was shocked would be an understatement. She has never seen this side of her Arnavji. He never raised his tone in front of her. He was always polite, but today he looked extremely furious.

"Who told you to change it?" He saw her shudder at his voice. He definitely wasn't in a good mood.

"I thought...u..would like it" she stammered while answering.

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