Part 62 - Battered and bruised

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Three days later - Jess's POV -------

"Rick, c'mon... we gotta keep going" I said, heaving Rick's arm back over my shoulder. Every step now was agony, Rick had hardly walked a step from the prison, after he saw Judith's car seat he seemed to have given up. But I didn't. I kept hold of him with every step I took, he would do the same if the tables were turned. I adjusted my stance before moving on, Rick let out a low groan, he was looking worse now. I needed to fix him up. "Carl! we need to find somewhere to stay the night" I shouted up ahead, Carl had stormed off ahead and remained that way, ever since we left the prison. "Okay, whatever" he looked around and pointed. "There... there's a house" he continued, still walking ahead. Thank god, I don't think Rick could take another day sleeping outside.

We approached the house and studied it. I glanced around the sides, noticing that all of the windows were boarded up. "Right... let's go" I said whilst pulling Rick up to the porch. Carl walked forwards and pounded his fist on the door, we waited, but there was no answer, nor a sound of anyone within the house. I trudged towards Carl whilst still holding on to Rick's waist. I tried the door but it was locked so I sat Rick down slowly on to the brown mahogany chair swing on the porch. I was just going to have to try and bust the door, normally, Rick would do this but he couldn't so I had to try.

I took a few steps back and ran at the door with all my might. My shoulder ploughed through the door, sending it to fly open, my feet dug into the ground to stop me from flying into the facing staircase. "Well... that was easier than I though it would be" I expressed, huffing away, trying to catch my breath. Carl barged through and began looking around, not bothering to care for his father. I huffed once more and ventured back outside to bring Rick in. Only, he wasn't there, panic rang through me, I frantically searched outside then I turned around to look back inside, only to see Rick. He was awake and was standing, leaning on the door frame. My heart rate slowed to its usual pace as I walked towards him.

"Carl... Keep an eye out, we haven't checked up stairs" I declared. "Pfft... We're fine, they would have come out by now" Carl replied. I really didn't like his tone. "Well you can't be to sure Carl... We still need to check upstairs" I continued in a short tone. "She's right... We can't be to sure" Rick wheezed, as he clutched his chest with his left arm. "Why go up and waste our time... That's all we ever do is waste time..." Carl began, he pulled his gun from his holster and began to hit the banister of the stairs with the butt of his gun. "Hey, asshole! Hey, shitface! - Hey--" Rick marched past me, standing between me and Carl. "Watch your mouth!... Don't you dare talk to either one of us like that again!" Rick shouted as loud as he could, wheezing in the process once more. "Are you kidding me? If there's one of them down there, they would have come out... And I just tied the door shut." He replied pointing to the back door, he had tied it with small thin rope, it didn't look like it would hold. I inhaled a long deep breath as I closed my eyes, I exhaled but opened my eyes quick as I heard a long dragging noise across from the hallway. "We don't need to take any chances." Rick ordered as he single handedly dragged the large, old fashioned sofa from one too. To the other. I rushed to help him drag it in.

"You don't think it'll hold?" Carl asked, walking towards Rick and I. Rick just shook his head. "It's a strong knot... Clove hitch... Shane taught me" Carl paused. "Remember him?" Carl questioned, squinting his eyes closed in anger at his father. Rick stopped, "Yeah I remember him... I remember him every day" Rick pushed the sofa against the tied door and stood up. "There something else you want to say to me?" He answered back to Carl, staring him down in the process. Carl stormed off and ran up the stairs. "This'll have to do for the night" Rick explained as he went to sit down. "Oh, no, no, no" I said grabbing Ricks shoulders and pulling him up, he winced in pain as I moved him. "I need to fix you up" I placed my hand in his and went to find the bathroom.

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