VII : Raven

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I once was poison ivy,
But now i'm your daisy.


parker's pov :

I'm distracted.

No one noticed that yet, but it bothers me. List of armories was replaced by her face. I even ignored Nora for a couple of times because i was thinking of her. Damn it, Peter, get a hold of yourself.

Can you believe i'm at Starbucks, waiting for the time to pick her up.

"Sir?" Nora said, she came to take my signature.

   "Yes?" I said, eyes still on the lab top, dealing with my delayed plane.

   "May i ask what exactly you plan for (L/n) girl?"

   I stopped typing, looked at her and replied. "I believe you already know, Nora."

   "I'm not sure."

   "I like the girl, if that's what you ask." I replied genuinely.

   "No, i already know that. I just..." She tried to figure the right words, i was confusing a bit then I realized it.

   "Oh? No. I'm not doing all this just for the sake of sleeping with her." Even though that'd be nice.

   C'mon, Parker. Don't be ridiculous, she's seventeen.

   "Forgive me, sir." She bowed a little. "So what it's gonna be?"

"I honestly have no idea. I just want to be near her."

   I drank my coffee, knowing it will keep me awake at night. I don't care, even if I don't drink i can't sleep anyway.

We waited for the classes to end, Nora went back to work at our tower, then i drove my car in front of the school. So many students cared about me being there.

Here she comes, saw my car and turned nervous. She looked around to the students that were watching us, she doesn't like being watched, she doesn't like being the center of the attention.

On, fuck. Did I upset her? I hoped not.

She hurried and got in the car.

"Go." She said softly, then realized she had to add sir. "Please, go, sir..."

I drove off.

"I thought you'd like to keep this secret." She told me.

"That you're working for my company?"

"That you picked me up yourself." She look really concerned.

I said nothing, I actually did it on purpose.

"You're so kind to me, but we need to keep distance in public, people will think otherwise." She was very serious.

"Are you still not understand." I said, eyes on the road.


"I don't want to keep a distance from you."

She was speechless, panicked, her cheeks brushed, i'm having fun watching her confused if i'm just her boss or i want to be more.

She didn't say anything, mostly stared outside the window, i noticed she observed my car, it put a smile on my face a bit.

"Oh. Your new phone." I almost forgot.

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