The moon godess

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No body moved. Every one was tense like they were waiting for me to attack, some were in a defensive stance. After a minute of just staring, I got a bit uncomfortable so I coughed awkwardly. Damien tried to speak but nothing came out so his mouth was just moving like a fish. I raised an eyebrow at anyone else. "Someone better say at do something or so help you I will rip you all to pieces." I growled angrily, putting a little more power into my voice then I meant to. Everyone except high ranking wolves got one one knee and submitted showing their necks immediately. Werewolves only do this in the presence of royals.

What is up with them? I'm angry because not even my friends are doing anything. Are they scared of me? Am I a monster? Hey calm down. Stripe's voice sounded different, more calm, wise and melodic but I could hear a little bit of anger at them lacing her words as well. What happened Stripe? I'm not sure yet but I have an idea.

I mentally nodded and focused my attention back to the statues but only for a second as I turned on my heels and stomped off back to my room. I eventually heard pack members slowly come back into the house but me being the stubborn person I am, didn't leave the room. That was until I overheard a mind link. How? I don't know because I know I wasn't included. They were pack doctors from the Yellow Crest pack.

Does anyone know what is happening!?

No doctor it seemed like she having major pains but she can't scream. But it also seems like she wants to go somewhere.

What's her name? Emily? Emma?

No doctor, Amy from the Silver Moon pack.

I shot out my room faster then a bullet and was in the pack hospital within a minute. Everyone froze and I groaned quietly. Not this again. "Where is Amy?" I asked as calmly as I could. No one answered. "Where is she?" I growled a bit louder and one brave man decided to speak. "Look, I'm sorry miss but you can't b-" wrong answer. I growled so loud that everyone in the building felt its vibration. "Just. Tell. Me." I cut him off and he just pointed to a room at the end of the corridor.

Everyone parted like the Red sea for me and I gently opened the door to see Amy shaking and sweating, her face twisted in agony. I also heard the very faint sound of bones moving. Is she shifting like I did? "Whats up with her? Wolfsbane? Silver?" I asked desperately while panicking at the sight of my best friend in pain. "I-I don't know." A nurse whispered quietly.

I was about to have a go at the nurse when Stripe reminded me to calm down because it wasn't her fault.

JULIE, come the pack hospital, the room at the end of the corridor. It's Amy.

What!? Is she okay? I'm coming.

I just watched Amy helplessly and waited for Julie to come. Then I heard a male grunt of pain from outside and rapid steps coming towards us. Ha that's definatly her. The door suddenly bust open and Julie came running in and her eyes darted franticly from me to Amy and back to me. "Oh my!" Julie cried. "What is happening to her!" Tears were now running down her cheeks.

It may not seem it, but me Julie and Amy have developed a very special bond. A bond so strong that seeing one of us hurting like Amy is like ripping our hearts out. I am able to stay strong but Julie is having a break down.

Go to her my child. Ease her pain. Complete the shifting process. Stop her body from fighting it.

I head this beautiful feminine voice in my head. Who was that? I can't be Stripe, can it?

While I was asking myself all these questions, I didn't realise my legs had moved me to the side of Amy's shaking body. My hand started to glow purple and I placed my hand on Amy's heart. The shaking ceased almost immediately and Amy's face changed into a peaceful expression. Her hair not only turned healthy again but golden highlights appeared and her skin turned more fair, her jaw line sharper. I only just realised that Julie had passed out but the same thing happening to Julie was happening to her as well.

Woah they are so much prettier now their makeup is off and their natural look is present. I was never a fan of make up because people think it is there to make you beautiful when it's actually there to enhance your natural beauty.

Two gasps for air bought me out of my make up rant to see Julie and Amy awake. They both look up at me and like they know what's going to happen, they ran up and caught me when I fell into darkness. Or should I say the light.

I woke up to a white room. The air here was peaceful and not a drop of evil could be detected. Suddenly, a wave of power rushed into the room and a beautiful woman who looked no older then 16 walked onto the room. Although she looked young, you could also see she was very, very wise "H-hello beautiful w-woman." My mouth sputtered out before I knew I was going to speak. I covered my big gob with my hands but a ping of jealousy built up inside me. She could make me stutter!? No one makes ME stutter. I stood up, straightened my back and put my head high in an attempt to intimidate her. She just laughed. What? Why does this woman make me feel so weak and powerless? Like she heard what I thought, she laughed again.

"Don't worry little one, this happens to everyone, in fact, I can't bring many visitors because they become overwhelmed by the power I let out but I'm trying to hide it, it's very hard you know. But you do a good job my child." She said. Wait! My child!?!

Thanks for reading!? I hope this chapter was ok. Why do you think Angel and Stripe changed? Make sure to keep reading!

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