Chapter 3: Thinking

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*Hermione's POV*

I awoke the next morning feeling fed up with myself, why had Ron cheated on me. All these bad thoughts started coming to my mind,things that should not be there.

*Over the next few days*

I have not left my dorm room for around three days, Ginny thinks there is something wrong with me and so do I, but I feel as there is no point.
Ron,Ron,Ron,Ron,Ron,Ron is all I can think about. Him,the only person I have ever loved,7 years and he did this to me. Ron,Ron,Ron,Ron,Draco !
Wait we're did that come from I thought to myself. He had helped me when I had fallen unconscious and he has not called me mudblood since I had gotten here. And his eyes, I had only just remembered his stormy grey,blue eyes. And one other thing I now remember was his beautiful blond hair. Nothing like Ron's. Ron had good hair I had to admit, but it was nothing like Draco's. Do I like him I thought to myself, but no,that would be crazy.

I then drifted into unconsciousness.

*Ginny's POV*

"Do you know what is happening with Hermione?" My boyfriend asked (Harry)

"Personally, I think my lad is well stressed out. I wish we could turn back time, to the good old days. She hasn't left her room in a week and I have had to leave meals at the door, I don't think she has even read a book. Every time I go to her room she just stares straight ahead not responding to anything any of the girls say to her." I say in the kindest tone I can.

"What that is terrible! Does Ron know?"

Why should my Git brother know. He broke her heart!"

"Doesn't he have a right to know?"

"Of course he does. But I don't think Hermione really wants to speak or hear about him."

"I guess your right," said harry giving me a soft kiss on the cheek" I have potions now."

And with that he walked towards class.

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