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@zendaya: Actually going out for the first time in forever

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Scott had invite me to his house because they were having a little party and i was excited to see them all but also kinda nervous. I haven't really talked to Todd at all and he gets kind of brutally honest when he's drunk and you know he's gonna be drunk  so that was a very scary thought. I asked Kian if he could come with me but he told me he was gonna plan some videos with Jc and Bobby so i really didn't wanna bother him. 

I got to their house at around 10 and the party was already in full effect by the looks of all the cars in the street, and here i thought it was something small. I had to park pretty far away from their house and walk all the way over there.

When i opened the door the smell of tequila hit me fast. While i tried to find Kristen and Liza i said hi to some of the people i recognized and made my way to the backyard, there I saw Liza, David, Scott, Matt, Kristen, Josh and Todd. As i got closer i yelled " Guess whos HEREEEEE" throwing my hands up, David was vlogging so he quickly pointed the camera towards me and i made a funny  face. " So glad you got here, wheres Kian i thought you where bringing him" said Scott and as soon as he said that Todd took a sip of his drink and left. There was an awkward silence and i said " umm okay that was weird, anyways i was gonna but he had some stuff to plan with Jc and Bobby"  "I saw Jc with Heath a little while ago"said Matt. I was pretty confused because Kian told me he was gonna be with him but maybe he stayed with Bobby, " oh well im gonna get myself a drink and try to find Jc". 

I was already in my fourth cup and still no sign of Jc, i was starting to think that maybe Matt saw someone else and thought it was Jc. Just as that thought crossed my mind i spot Jc with Dom and Zane. I make my way over to them, "Hey guys" i said "Babyyyyyy Z" said Zane, i started laughing at the way he said baby.I looked at Jc and said "I thought you and Kian were gonna plan some videos with Bobby", Jc shook his head and said " Nope, actually haven't seen Kian like all day" "oh i must have misunderstood him" i said and left the conversation. I tried finding a quiet place where i could call Kian, the most quiet place was outside in the street and even that wasn't quiet enough. 

As i was standing in the middle of the street i dialed Kians number but no answer, i dialed again and still no answer. Getting pretty tired of this i looked up Bobbys phone number in my contacts and called him, after about 5 rings he answers " Hey Day, Whats up?" says Bobby, " Hey Bobz, i was wondering if Kian was around" i asked "Im at home with Harrison, I think Kian i grabbing something to eat with Franny, didn't he tell you?" as soon as i heard this words my heart sunk "oh yeah he told me, i totally forgot." i laughed nervously "Thanks anyways Bobz" " No problem Day, at your service" 

I really did not care much for the party at this point but i wanted to numb the pain of what i thought was going on. I entered the house again and the music was on full blast, i made my way to the table full of alcohol and got the biggest cup i could find, i poured almost have of the bottle of tequila and a little cranberry juice. As i started to feel myself loosen up and forget what was going on i started dancing on the table with some random girls by my side, a group of guys i didn't really know where throwing kisses at us and making comments like " damn baby, take it off". As i was dancing someone grabbed me and threw me over there shoulder, later he started walking to one of the rooms, which i recognized as the spare bedroom in this house, he threw me on the bed but not in an aggressive manner. When i got my hair out of my face i saw that someone was Todd " WTF I WRONG WITH YOU IM HAVING A GOOD TIME" i slurred/screamed "Your drunk Daya, in all my years of knowing you i have never seen you like this" Todd said with an expression of sadness in his face "oh im so sorry king of being sober 24/7, get the fuck out of here with that shit. Let me live my GODDAMN LIFE, lats time i checked we weren't on speaking terms" i said " GOD your such a bitch sometimes you know that? i was trying to help you" Todd said and he then started walking out the door. " AT LEAST IM NOT A FUCKING MAN SLUT" i screamed when he was already out of the room. I sighed frustrated and stood up from the bed, as soon as i did that i feel to the ground and blacked out. 

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