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Hello 'Open Novella'ists!

We are ecstatic and positively blown away by your response to the contest, every participating profile has had lots of fun interacting with you, and we hope you've had fun talking to us! Now it's time to talk about yourselves and the stories you've written and loved!

This is the 'Share Your Open Novella' chapter! A place for you to tell us about your ONC entry and also share it with the rest of Wattpad!

In the comments below share your Open Novella Contest entry, but please, we request that you do not spam the comments. We're sure that, just like you, every writer has worked hard to reach this milestone and deserves to not be buried under a mountain of spam.

Make sure you include the following information in your comment to ensure maximum exposure.

Story Title: Your story's title

Story Link: Your story link

Story Tags: [Please include only the first three to five main tags, so we know what your story is about!]

Blurb: A short summary of your story.

Prompt: Tell us what prompt you used for your story and why.

Lastly, you can also tag a friend and talk about their Open Novella entry as well, to show how much you loved it! Share the love and inspire each other to reach the next milestones.

Remember, this may be a contest, but the goal is to write! We want to see you write your hearts out and show us what you've got! Thank you for all the support and all the best for the rest of the contest! 

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