Sakurauchi Riko x Kitsune! Female! Reader

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Fear Not

Riko's POV

Practice was cancelled, again. Ever since a month back, Aquors in general can't practice and it is my fault.

Even I could notice, my compositions were empty, that they were missing something, emotion or even that they were not capable of entering the people's hearts and make them feel happiness the way they used to.

I've been trying to correct this, to make my songs the way everyone liked, the way Aquors can really sing them with all of their emotions running free and not like we were just meant for singing like if we only wanted the money, but it is really difficult.

Now, there's a live right around the corner and I can't seem to really get a song and when I think I do, when I show it to Aquors they say that is great and then is the reason why is not full, lack of emotion, like if those were not their feelings.

It's really frustrating and now my songs are full of negative emotions, this is not Aquors anymore, this is just me and I am dragging Aquors down. Of course, the rest have tried to make me feel better or to make me feel normal, but that's the case, I do not feel like if I'm depressed or sad or as if I lack emotion, making it even more frustrating.

Playing the piano in the music room as is now my habit instead of the practice, Chika-chan just went ahead, after other try of making my songs the way they used to. The melody was right, the timing was perfect, then why does this sound like this?!

I punched the piano tiles, a rough sound came from them along another sound, it sounded like Ruby-chan when she is terrified, like a pigi or something but I piano can't do that right?

I searched below the piano, nothing that can make that sound. I rose up the cover of the piano and searched inside of the mechanism for a malfunction but everything was seen to be alright.

After another minute of searching I gave up, closed the piano cover and went back into the music.

Gentle touches in the tiles, time your movements and coordinate your body, now put your emotions into it and...


Once more I punched the piano tiles with force and once again that sound was heard, only with the slight difference that it came from behind me and when I faced the sound I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

My body tensed up, there was this little animal with (Y/HC) soft fur and innocent (Y/EC) orbs, looking little afraid of me, just sitting in there but what really scared me was the fact that this animal had two tails, it looked like a fox but due to its tiny shape it looked like a puppy.

I jumped and stood over the seat I was playing on. The fox, seeing my reaction, ran away into a corner of the room and cover itself in its two tails and at the same time I could hear a voice in my head.

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