Sung with Love [Karma Akabane]

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Part 2 of "Written with Love [Karma Akabane]"


"I love when you smile at me-"

"UGHHHH SONG WRITING IS SO HARD!" Karma groaned, dropping the pencil on to the table.

"K-Karma are you okay?" you spoke softly.

"I'm so sorry [Y/N], I can't think of anything to write for my next album."

Yes, you were dating the famous singer, Karma Akabane, you were doing in secret however. After that night, Karma was interested in you and confessed, you were unsure but he promised you everything would be okay.

You took his hand and agreed and you have been dating each other for a month. Although, Karma had many fangirls and he knew you were shy, he took his time. Most of the songs he wrote were based on you.

"Her smile is beautiful."

"Her eyes shine with happiness and shine brighter than the sun."

"The sound of her laughter, her voice when she greets me."

Karma always denied the fact it was based on you when he was interviewed. It was your little secret with him. Karma had to deny the fact he was dating and he didn't write the songs about a specific person. You knew deep down inside he loved you a lot.

"Where ever you are, I'll be always there for you."

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