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Zendaya: hey Kwizzy boo, what are you doing 

Kwisten: Nothing, just been all day at Scotts house, Its been a rollercoaster here

Zendaya: Why?

Kwisten: Todds been drunk more than half of the day. He is throwing stuff in his room and screaming and then he takes a nap and starts again. He won't open the door so that Scott can talk to him.

Zendaya: Wtf. What is wrong with him

Kwisten: omg daya you've known him since you guys were babies maybe he will want to talk to you.

Zendaya: i honestly don't think so, Todd hasn't really talked to me since like 2 days after the day at the beach  its been kinda weird and if he didn't talk to  Scott im not even an option.

Kwisten:Yeah i see you point, weird though that he hasn't talked to you. 

After finishing my conversation with Kristen i threw my phone on the bed and continued watching Parks and Recreation.Ten minutes later I decided to give one last try and text Todd to maybe figure out what was going on with him.  

Zendaya: Hey Toddy with a body 

        Toddy ❣️ Read 3:00pm 

Zendaya: Mmm... Okay loud and clear 

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