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Who doesn't like the holidays?

"Christmas is my least favorite holiday."

Demons, that's who and I shouldn't even be surprised that it's Quinton's response because of course he of all people hates Christmas. Well, that's going to be a problem because I love Christmas! It seems this relationship cannot last.

"We need to break up."

Quinton cocks a brow at me that states he isn't worried about my threat in the least. "Why do you like Christmas?"

"What's not to like?" I reply immediately because what the fuck kind of question is that! "It's the one day a year my dad gets the day off. Family time from morning till night, good food and snow to shove in your stupid face!"

I point at said stupid face, which is still giving me that 'you're an idiot' look that he, no joke, is always wearing. Quinton shakes his head, leaning against my headboard as he goes on to say, "At least your first response wasn't presents."

"I mean...I like those too."

Quinton snorts, looking away from me with an expression that seems a bit off. I watch curiously, wait kind of patiently for him to say something then begin to tap his thigh to tell him to go on. Quinton knocks my hand away so obviously I do it again to piss him off. He knocks it away again, glaring at me for being 'immature' I know that's what he's thinking, I can tell!

"Come on, what were you going to say?" I ask, nudging Quinton with my shoulder once, twice and a third time when he finally lets out a heavy sigh. Success! I knew if I annoyed him enough he'd talk, that's how our relationship works after all.

"I haven't had a Christmas with family in a long time," Quinton speaks softly, refusing to look at me, which I can't blame him for. It's a touchy subject. "Christmas is a constant reminder that I never will."

I'm about to argue against that but it seems I've had more of an impact on Quinton than I originally thought.

Suddenly, Quinton looks at me with a smile that has my toes curling and he says confidently, "But I guess lately that has changed. I don't hate it anymore."

Damn it...I can't bury his dumb ass in the snow anymore. Instead, I opt for a kiss.

Tomorrow I'll shove his stupid face in the snow though.


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