Chapter 11: The real Henry

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Kai's eyes widened. "What do you mean I took someone away from you?" Henry seems to notice about Kai's memories that they were only half full. "I almost believed the fact that you fully recovered, but it seems you didn't. What I meant was... you made my younger sister get executed for the bad things she has done." Henry attacked Kai with a rock that seemed very similar to something... the something... that made him lose his memories. The brunet immediately realized everything and dodged the attack with a weapon he had the whole time, the rock flew off Henry's hand. "Oh? It seems you did remember the fact that you are a Ninja." Kai was confused about everything, he suddenly had so many memories coming inside his brain, the one part of his memories made him immediately confused. "Mei... doesn't have an older brother...?"

A flashback scene and memory recovering at chapter 5.5 which didn't show any conversations is going to get revealed. These weren't just random stuff you know!

"I guess I should be the one who has to say sorry, these books look heavy. Let me help you." Mei smiled bright and nodded, it didn't faze Kai at all even though it worked on many male characters as a turn on. They grabbed all books up and walked to the library direction. The brunet had thought of one topic that he never knew about Mei despite being the most beautiful girl at school. "I never heard of your parents and family around this school which is quite strange since most people say rumours about them." Mei looked at Kai and giggled. "My parents were mostly away, I had to move to my sister and my cousin. My cousin Henry died two years earlier, making my older sister alone. She works all day long and stuff and has much time for me which is quite nice unlike my parents, her name is Liling by the way."

Kai looked at Mei in pity of a family loss. "Your cousin must have been nice if he lived with your sister. Mostly cousins are the annoying ones in most families I know of." Mei nodded in agreement and laughed. "He was annoying and stuff, but he tried to be helpful the whole time! And the fact is that he made his hair look like my sister's hair... everyone thinks they are twins only that he is chubbier!" Mei and Kai laughed at the end before arriving the library.

End flashback
Kai's memories 100%
The memory recovery has succeeded
I won't write all memories, but he remembered all after he saw the weapon he got hit from

Kai was shocked, he didn't know what to say. "You... aren't Henry and you are not a student!" The person who should be Henry smiled. "It seems Mei did told you about it, and it seems you remembered all after seeing the weapon Mei used to attack Lloyd but instead hit you." Kai was sweating, he never realized it. That the person who should be actually be dead is in truth Mei's older sister! A person who is older than everyone from school. "You are Liling, Mei's older sister... how could you get into our school without being noticed as an adult?!" Liling just shrugged and took the hair pin out of her hair and grabbed the bandages underneath her shirt out, revealing the long brown hair and the chest she had hidden the whole time.

"Something like identity theft was never heard of here, I happened to have the same face as my cousin. The only thing I had to do was to erase Henry's death data from the law in Ninjago City. They were to dumb to realize it, making it easy for me to pretend to be Henry." The brunet was shocked and couldn't believe it. "When you said your background... you actually talked about Mei's background and not your own!" Liling started to laugh. "Of course I did, since I smelled the poisonous gas from the rock... I lost half of my memories which were mostly backgrounds. I only remembered that Mei was there for me always and that my little dear Henry was like a son to me, but he had to die so suddenly because of reasons."

Kai's eyes widened more when he heard that Liling had the same effect as himself when he got hit by the rock and smelled the gas. "You lost half of your memories?! What gas is that to make us lose our memories?!" Liling took out more of the rocks. "These are called memory erasers, I made them with my dear beloved Cryptor. They were so effective that I used them mostly. I thought if I get my revenge on you, then everything would be my win. But... it changed all my mind when I saw your little boyfriend." Kai's face turned into a raging one. "Don't you dare to hurt him!" Liling giggled. "Who said I was going to hurt him? He is going to be my slave since I got my interests in him. And that would be at the graduation party, where he is going to lose his memories that Mei always wanted!"

The brunet eyes couldn't widened anymore as it was. "I'm not going to let you do that to Lloyd!" Liling laughed again. "You won't be able to, I'm going to remove you in my target list and put you as a torturing object for me and my people everyday." Kai was confused when he heard that. "Your people...?" He suddenly felt a hit behind him and went unconscious. "It seems we weren't late, my darling." Liling crossed her arms. "Of course you weren't, you were just right in my time. Let's put him in the cage and bring him with me at the party, I want him to see how his boyfriend will be turned into my slave. AHAHAHAHAH."

(season 2 is going to end soon, but season 3 not.)

(Chapter 11 end.)

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