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isabella groaned resting her head on dacre's shoulder

"are you okay"
he asked

"yeah i'm just being a little bitch"
she said

"no you're not it's okay to spooked out"
dacre said with a slight smile

isabella shrugged but smiled lightly when dacre tightly embraced her

"the others want to see you"
he mumbled

"are they here"
she questioned

he nodded

isabella pulled away from dacre standing up walking to the living room. 

finn yelled tackling the girl in a hug

"hi finn"
isabella said with a slight laugh

joe yelled as everyone tackled isabella on the ground

"i can't breathe"
isabella laughed

they all got off her joe helping her up pulling her into a hug.

"you okay"
he mumbled

isabella nodded with a small smile kissing his cheek

"do you guys wanna go get some food or something"
finn asked

"it's always food with you"
isabella said

"oh like you get to talk"
finn glared

"geez you two let's go"
natalia said waiting at the door with the others

"yanno when i first met dacre i thought he was a fuck boy"
isabella laughed sitting at a table with the others

"uhhm screw you"
dacre glared

"she's got a point"
joe said

"she does"
charlie agreed

"i'm hurt"
dacre said putting a hand on his heart

"love you"
isabella smiled patting his cheek

"love you too"
he mumbled trying to keep a straight face

natalia shouted causing people to look at her

"good job nat"
charlie laughed

"love me like dacre loves bella"
natalia whined

"why would you want that"
isabella laughed

"you hate me tonight don't you"
dacre asked

"oh trust me she's mean to you for the first year then she'll be nice"
joe said taking a drink of his water

"that's not true"
isabella defended

"oh i beg to differ"
joe glared

"bella i love you but you can be mean"
finn said

"i don't know what you guys are talking about she's been a sweetheart to me"
millie laughed

"thank you"
isabella said

"yeah me too maybe it's just you guys"
charlie chimed in

"i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now"
joe said fake crying

"oh whatever keery"
isabella laughed

"shut up williams"
joe glared

"you guys are like children"
finn said

"hey wolfhard stay out of it"
isabella said

finn said

"all of you shut up"
gaten groaned

"what were we even talking about"
isabella asked

"i don't know"
joe said

"thank you for tonight"
isabella smiled

"what do you mean"
dacre asked acting oblivious

"i know you called them over to cheer me up"
she answered

"anything for you"
dacre smiled kissing her cheek

"that was so cheesy day"
isabella laughed

"worth a shot"
he laughed with a shrug

isabella yelled tackling him

he yelled back wrapping his arms around her

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