chapter 6- stalker van

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I carefully scanned my surroundings before driving my stalker van into the gated house. I turned around and frowned at the unconscious security guard I had to take down to get in. I just shrugged my shoulders and looked back at the road. 

The white-walled mansion stood high in the lot. The huge balcony hovered over the entrance that had a lantern on each side. 4 porch lights decorated the side of the bottom half of the mansion and 10 more on the other part. As if it was the most cliche thing ever, right smack down in the middle was a fountain with water squirting out of the horse's mouths. 

I arched a brow and leaned back in the driver's seat. "I've seen better," I mumbled and shrugged. 

I drove to the side of the house and parked. I stood up and walked to the back of the van, taking out my computer and plugging it into the database I had created when I was in Germany. I grabbed my X-large coke I got from the gas station and slurped some soda. 

I quickly put my password in and went to the gang's security system. I started hacking into it but found it hard to hack into. 

"What kind of security system is this?" I mumbled as I kept on trying and re-trying. My failed attempt to hack into the system got me agitated as sweat started to form on my head. 

Each time I tore down a wall, another wall appeared. Each one getting harder than the one before. I mumbled curse words under my breath as I bore my eyes into the computer screen. 

My eyes widened with joy as I finally hacked into the security system. I jumped up from my chair and yelled "Hallelujah!" 

I threw my fist in the air and brought it back. I plopped back down in my chair and victoriously smirked.

"Now, let's see what you are up to," I smirked and typed on the computer. 

The computer screen lit up and I laid back in my seat, slurping on my coke. 

Four guys sat around a round table, holding cards to their chests and poker coins on the table. Each completely concentrated on the table and their poker coins, sometimes stealing glances at other players. What surprised me the most is that these people look no older than 26. Some were even teenagers.

One of the players that had black scruff hair set four aces on the table, victoriously smirking. He leaned back in his chair and put his fingers behind his head. The other three guys looked at the cards in disbelief.  

"You cheated!" one of them exclaimed and ruffled his dirty blonde hair. The guy with black hair glared at the guy and crossed his arms over his chest. 

"I did not," he exclaimed, sounding like a 5-year old. 

I arched and brow and continued slurping on my drink. 

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