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"How dare you! Huh tell me.. was I not good enough
So you could go and cheat on me Bella? " 
Brendon screamed.

"Br-Brendon calm down"...I said as tears fell down.

"AWNSER ME GODDAMIT BELLA!" Brendon cried of anger as he felt betrayed and lied too.

"I would never cheat on you Brendon what the fuck makes you think, I would cheat on you! I fucking vowed to love you and never cheat! And now you come and acuse me of something I never did! How fucking dare you huh? Give me proof for what I supposedly committed!" I screamed at Brendon as tears fell harder down my face.

"You want fucking proof? Alright I'll give you proof"

He threw a Manila folder at me. As I opened it I couldn't contain a sob... there in front of me was a picture of me "kissing" a man who I don't even recognize.
"B-Bre-Brendon listen to me!this is not me! I would never cheat on you NEVER.Please believe me"
I dropped to my knees and cried holding my belly.
I couldn't take it anymore.the pain,the feeling of betrayal and lies.

"Hah you think that by crying I will believe you Bella? I have proof! What else do you want from me?I gave you everything I could give you! I gave you my heart! My fucking love...while you pay me by cheating!" Brendon said as tears fell from his eyes.

"I swear, I didn't cheat! GODDAMIT BELIEVE ME!"

"No Bella it's done....get your fucking stuff and get the fuck out...I'll arrange a meeting to sign the divorce papers." Brendon said as he poured himself a glass of jack Daniels.

"You know Brendon...it's fucking hilarious how you decide to believe pictures and not your own wife who vowed to love you and gave up everything for you"
I sadly tell him while getting up.

I went to our room to get my stuff ,I grabbed my clothes and things that I spent with my money.
the things he bought me? I left them in their place.

I couldn't tell him he was gonna be a father....what would he do if I told him? Probably kill me.
I felt tears stinging the corner of my eyes..
my poor bambino was gonna grow up up with out a father.
What would I tell him when he asks for his father?
That's when I broke down and cried holding my belly. Why would you do this Brendon........

I got up and walked with my suitcase holding my head up trying not to break down.
When I got to the bottom of the stairs Brendon was there. Looking.....lost. I walked up to him and did the MOST painful thing ever.

"Brendon, take this and give it too someone you believe and trust and lastly...love"
I said as I took off my engagement ring that he gave me. He looked shocked and hurt which he masked quickly.

"Very well....hopefully I find her soon" he said as his voice cracked at the end hoping I didn't hear it. While me? I got a huge pang in my heart at his words.

With that I kissed him on his cheek and whispered.
"I love you Brendon Boyd urie, and lastly when you find out the truth you'll regret it." 

And with that I walked out in the rain and got in my car ,vowing to myself to never be weak but strong.

With that I drove away from my used to be home and husband.


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