Meeting The Pack

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Guys go re-read the last chapter to refresh your memory ❤️


After packing my clothes Titus, Cain and I decided to go amongst the pack grounds so I can see everyone and everything. The village was beautiful and the people were so nice to me. Titus introduced me to everyone and even the pack security who ive never seen before but apparently they guard the outskirts of the woods.

Eventually after ive mingled and met everyone I actually fell into a nice conversation with a girl about my age by the park.

Her name was Ivy and she was introducing me to her young daughter Riley.

"Shes beautiful." I smiled at a laughing riley who was laughing while Ivy tickled her.

"She can never stay away from this park, shes like obsessed." Ivy joked while letting riley down onto her feet. As soon as her feet hit the ground she darted over to the sliding board. I laughed and we sat on the bench watching the kids play. Cain and Titus were only a few feet away from us on the other side of the park talking with a few guys from the pack. I noticed titus constantly looking over at me and I smiled letting him know I was alright.

"So how does it feel to be an alphas Mate? I bet Alpha Titus and his brothers treat you like a queen. That's really what you are now." she smiled at me admirably and I blushed while shaking my head. "well I wouldn't say a queen but yes everyone treats me well."

"oh please." her smile widened. "I know he treats you like a queen I mean cant you see how happy he is? look at him.'' We both peered over to Titus who was talking with everyone.

''He never does stuff like this, hang with the pack, talk and laugh with everyone. I mean don't get me wrong." Ivy looked at me. "hes an amazing powerful alpha hes done so much for all of us and we love him dearly. But seeing this side of him is because of you. You did this to him Luna."
Ivy looked at me like I was a god of some sort. I began gazing over at titus wondering what type of person he betrayed himself to be toward the pack. At least they know hes amazing just closed off and hes been through a lot in his life. I knew titus felt my eyes on him because his eyes suddenly found mine and we began gazing at eachother. for a second it felt like it was only us at least until I slammed my eyes closed in pain because something was blown into my eyes, it felt like dirt.

"luna oh my god are you alright?" I heard Ivy yell from behind me. "Luna? Oh my god". I heard different voices surround me acting as if Something getting in my eye was a nationwide emergency. But I guess they just really cared.

"oh my gosh I'm so sorry, it was totally an accident." I heard another girl yell in panic. I guess she was the one who blew the dirt in my eyes.

"BACK UP." A deep baritone startled the crap out of me. my eyes were slammed shut because of the burning sensation so I couldn't see who was doing what but I knew my mate was standing in front of me and everyone else backed away.

"I'm so sorry Titus, I didn't mean-"

"say another word and your gone." Titus sneered and I bet he was glaring at whoever it was. My guess it was the girl who did this to me.

I did notice that the girl called him Titus instead of Alpha. Which was weird.

"Angel.. I'm gonna pour this water in your eyes just try to open them a little.'' His voice instantly changed to soft as he spoke to me. I did as I was told and the cooling sensation of the water quickly made my eyes feel better. Titus wiped my eyes with a towel that one of pack patrons brought over to us and I slowly opened them. Titus was caressing my face while Ivy and a few other girls were watching me worriedly. Cain and some of the security guards were surrounding a girl with red curly hair holding a baby boy he looked at least two years old.

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