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"merry christmas, joe!"

joe peeled his eyes open with a bemused expression, confused as he adjusted his sight to what was going on around him.

seph was sat on the edge of the bed, her head adorned with a reindeer horn headband and her eyes twinkling as she clutched a bag of christmas presents for her boyfriend between her fingers.

beau tried to leap up onto the bed beside seph, but she lightly scolded him and told him to sit. he complied, panting heavily as seph briefly bent down to stroke him, "good boy!"

"what time is it?" joe questioned, stretching his limbs and sitting up, "merry christmas, princess."

seph bit her lip, "uh — it's 7am?"

"7am? jesus christ seph i didn't realise you'd be this excited for christmas!"

seph's eyes scanned their bedroom — tinsel hung everywhere, a miniature christmas tree sat in the corner and decorations galore covered the walls, "really, babe?"

joe laughed and rolled his eyes, "i guess i shouldn't be so surprised, should i?"

seph shook her head and lurched forward, grinning like the cheshire cat, "go on, open your presents!" she passed the bag of gifts to him and he chuckled.

"eager aren't you?"

seph nodded as she leaned over to press a kiss to her boyfriend's lips with a smile, "it's christmas, baby. of course i'm eager!"

she scooped a now much larger beau up into her arms, talking to him as though he was a baby as he scrambled to see what joe was doing.

joe slipped the bag onto his lap and pulled out the first present, beaming as he began to gently tear the wrapping paper from the box.


opening their presents took more time than anticipated, with in-between breaks to properly acknowledge each present.

they'd meticulously planned each present and the thought put into the gifts was impeccable. the couple really cared about each other and now that their third christmas as a couple had arrived they were incredibly excited.

joe's final gift for persephone was small, encased in a tiny white box that made his girlfriend's heart skip a beat one million times over.

she'd unwrapped it carefully, taking account of the fact the present was so small. joe looked nervous as she carefully opened the box with a gasp.

"oh my fucking god!"

joe's grin broadened, though seph had thought it couldn't be any wider if he'd tried.

"i thought, since you love christmas so much this was perfect timing, i suppose,"

he took the box out of seph's hands gently and glanced at the ring inside it, turning it back to face her.

"i've known you practically all of my life, seph. you've put up with every flaw of mine, every bad day and every problem we've had whether it's been big or small,"

seph's hand was clamped over her mouth as joe nervously continued.

"we've been best friends forever, but even now we're dating you're still my best friend. i wouldn't want anyone else in the world to spend my life with and for that reason — persephone jaydon morris — will you make the stupidest but best decision you ever could and marry me?"

a lone tear fell down seph's face as she nodded repeatedly and allowed joe to slip the beautiful ring onto her finger.

"of course i'll marry you, joe! oh my god we're getting married!"

seph clambered onto her fiancé's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck as he craned his neck a little to kiss her.

"i love you, seph. merry fucking christmas princess."

"i love you more — merry fucking christmas baby!"

i've been awake since 5:30am ahahahahah
merry christmas everyone i love y'all and hope u enjoyed this christmas bonus proposal chapter :)

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