Chapter 1

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It all started the day when Camila (for whatever reason, unknown to her now) decided that she and Dinah should creep into Lauren's room and get her phone back. Camila just thought it was super unfair that Lauren took it from her just because she was using it to tweet at three in the morning (Camila later realised that maybe she should've considered that Lauren would have her on tweet notifications). The plan in itself to get back her phone, hadn't been her idea, the credit for that goes to Dinah, but even then, Camila knew she was mostly responsible.

So, sat on the hotel bed with a very angry Lauren glaring down at her, she could do nothing but bare a sheepish expression and hope for the best. Maybe she'd win Lauren over with her cute charm. But no, Lauren had other things in mind.

"Explain to me, Camila, what on earth you think you're doing out of your hotel room causing such a palaver at this time of night? Did you not consider the rest of the hotel guests, and the girls, all sleeping on this floor? I can guarantee most of them heard you. So, please do make your excuses, Camila, I'm waiting," Lauren spoke sharply, her hands planted firmly on her hips as she stared down at the girl with a look that could be described as no less than intensely intimidating.

Camila's own gaze fell to her lap, and undeniable sense of fear filling her, which was weird because this was Lauren and she'd never been actually scared of her before. Camila found herself scanning her mind for an excuse that could maybe get her out of trouble, because saying she had come to get her phone would only get her further into trouble.

"Don't even think about lying to me, Camila, because I promise that it will only serve to make things much worse for you," Lauren told her calmly yet firmly, and Camila's shoulders slumped slightly.

"I... I came to get my phone," she admitted, her voice barely audible because speaking them out loud reminded her that Lauren would be nothing but disappointed in her.

Lauren heard her just fine, but she wasn't satisfied with that, so she decided to push a little further, "I didn't quite catch that. I'm going to need you to speak up."

"I came to get my phone! I'm sorry, I couldnt sleep and I was so bored! I didn't mean to wake you or anyone else up, I'm sorry Lauren, please don't be mad," Camila finally looked up, her eyes wide and pleading for Lauren's forgiveness.

"I'm not mad at you, Camila. I'm just disappointed. And I'm not disappointed because you woke me up, you can wake me up if you need something, that's not the issue. I'm disappointed that you made a wrong decision. You do know why I took your phone away, yes?" Lauren asked, pausing to allow Camila to answer.

Camila hesitated, "Because I was using it in the middle of the night?"

"Exactly. Night time is when people should be asleep, especially you - us - we have a show almost every day, and it's so important that you get your rest Camila. I took your phone away so that there's not the temptation to make incorrect decisions. By coming to get it back you, number one, disobeyed me, number two, caused me to doubt the trust I have in you, and number three, you made a choice that could've impacted your health in the long run. Do you think that was a good choice to make, Camila?" Lauren's voice was steady but cold, and by this point Camila's head was hung in shame, tears sparkling in her eyes.

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again, I promise," Camila said quietly, her voice trembling.

"Dinah was out there with you, as well, correct?" Lauren asked, hooking her finger under Camila's chin after a long silence and lifting her head so that she was looking at her. "Correct?"

Camila bit her lip before nodding, "But it was my fault, it wasn't her idea, I asked her to help!"

"That doesn't matter, Camila, she's at fault too. But I'm proud of you for telling me the truth. We will deal with Dinah tomorrow but for now; you," Lauren hummed softly in contemplation, sitting down beside Camila. "What punishment do you think you deserve, Camila?"

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