Bonus Chapter: Daniel's Fanfic Book

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So this will be like a mini series until the sequel will be up! It's called "Daniel's Fanfic Book." These will be in Daniels point of view unless I change it. This will also be as if it wasn't a dream. It's about Daniel who gets a book and writes fanfics of Noah and Thalia. These will be VERY short because I'll try to upload one everyday.



I run to my room and grab my book out of under the bed, looking around to make sure nobody seen me. I lock the door and sit on my bed, opening the book. I grabbed a pen and started writing a fanfic. Thalia had gave me the empty book one day from coming back shopping with Noah. She said to write anything I wanted to, so that's what I'm going to do.

Once there was a kingdom called Blackberry Sauce. In Blackberry Sauce there was a king, his name was Jason. Jason was a horrible king and everyone hated him.

One day he ordered his guards to get a woman for him to marry. Of course, no woman would dream to be with a man such as him. "Her!" One of the guards yell pointing to two girls. "Her? Bye!" One of the girls say running away.

"Sandra, wait!" The other girl yells. "Sorry Thalia!" She yells waving. "Some friend you are!" Thalia yells about to run away, but one of the guards grab her hand.

"You're coming with us." He says. "What? No! Sandra!" Thalia yells as loud as she could. "Stop yelling." He glares. "Where are you taking me?" She asks.

"You'll marry the king and you'll do it without causing trouble." He angrily says. "Fuck this shît!" Noah, one of the kings guards says. He grabbed Thalia's hand and ran off with her.

When they stopped Thalia elbowed him in the gut. "What the hell man!?" She yells. "I'm sorry that I was trying to save you!" He says crossing his arms. "I don't need saving!" Thalia says, her face turning red from anger.

"Well it sure did seem like you did!" He yells, full of anger-

"Daniel what are you doing? Come, we're all about to eat dinner." Thalia says opening the door. "Or don't come! More food for me!" Noah says taking Thalia's hand and running down stairs.

I smile at the thought of my ship together.

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