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Quick question; what would you guys like to see happen? And would you guys like more descriptive smut? Idk if you guys like descriptive or not. Thanks, x.

Mila woke up to the sun rays streaming into her eyes. She rolled over in Harry's huge bed to face him. Her fingers twirled around his tattoos and lingering on the small initials on his chest. A tear rolled down her cheek as her thumb covered the bare space where their child's initials were going to be. As the space stood bare, so did her heart. That gapping space on Harry's chest resembles the one in her's. While Harry's could be covered, filled in, and turned into something beautiful, her's couldn't. Unlike Harry's, her's would never go away. An entire life was lost. A literal piece of her had died and she could never get that back.

By this point her tears were a steady stream. She got up silently wiping her tears and staring out into the beach. Harry's new house had an amazing view of the beach. Perched right on the shore of Long Beach over looking a private beach and a even a dock for a boat and a small boat house. Nikki hadn't rung him for everything he owned in the divorce, yet. His lawyers had decided on she could keep the house if she agreed to splitting the kids 50/50 with him. She happily agreed seeing as though she hadn't worked since her modeling days.

Mil turned around looking back at the peaceful Harry sleeping soundly. She stood up and made her way into the bathroom to take a shower. She ducked away from the mirror, avoiding her horrendous hair.

Minutes passed before she stepped into the shower, unclothed. As she showered she felt her stomach as she had so often done over the past few months and instantly thought back to the doctors office.

"Have a seat, Ms. Amelia." Dr. Graham spoke softly with her old matronly voice. "What's going on, dear?" She asked sitting into her stool. Mila looked sad and down to her lap.

"I-I" she took a deep breath, "I think, I've had a miscarriage. I've been bleeding a lot to today and I'm not feeling the baby anymore. I'm just worried," she said with tears in her eyes and clutching her stomach.

"Well, let's have a look." Dr. Graham reclined the seat and took out the ultrasound equipment. She began the process and eventually touched the monitor to her stomach. And sadly to both of their dismays, there was no heart beat. Mila instantly clasped her hand to her forehead and began sobbing.

"I'm so sorry Amelia," Dr. Graham comforted her the best she could. "Would you like me to call Harry?" She says as she wipes Mila's tears. Mila shook her head no promptly.


The sound of Harry's voice woke her.

"Love, may I join you?" He asked peeping into the shower. She wanted to say no but he was already stepping in by the time she opened her mouth. Luckily for her, her tears had blended into the water droplets rolling down her body.

"Mmm, it's our first shower together in my new house." He Hums kissing my shoulder as his hand trails down to my hand entangling our fingers.

"Harry," She says softly turning around and handing him the sponge to wash her. She wanted to hurry this up so she could go back to bed.

"God you are so beautiful and..." Harry spoke admiring the light gracing her wet skin and making it look far more supple than normal. Though she didn't have that glow about her right now, she still shown bright in his eyes. He could feel her radiant vibes fading as her hazel eyes took on their gray form.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so in love with you, every time I see you I am amazed I get to be your man." He smiles trying to shower her compliments in her time of need. "We will get through this, together." He kisses her forehead softly and watches her close her eyes to take in a deep breath.

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