Chapter Two: Ash is That You?? Scary Encounter!

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Serena's POV
"Good morning Braixen, Rockruff!" Serena said as she stretched and got up out of bed.
"Braixen Braix!"
Serena yawned, got up and showered while the two Pokémon ate some poke food.
After Serena showered she went to the kitchen to make a short breakfast sandwich with peanut butter and nuttela, and then she and her Pokémon left to go explore and find out what to do.
"Wow Braixen, look it's a clothing sho-"
"Hey it's you!" An all to familiar voice of Don said, the same guy she met yesterday when she just arrived. "Do you think you can go to dinner with me today?" He questioned.
"Uhh.. No I gotta.. Go meet someone at the Pokémon Center." Serena replied nervously.
"Oh okay. I know directions to one would you like to come?" Don said.
"No thanks I know where it is. Thank you though." Serena said.
"You should come anyways! Come on let's go!" He said while grabbing her hand and running. This made Serena really uncomfortable.
However, instead of a Pokémon Center like promised, Don led her to a dark, smelly, and creepy alley in between two abandoned buildings. She had no idea where she was but it was across town. Serena was now worried and felt like running or screaming, but his sweaty hand had too much of a grip on hers.
"Boys, we got a liar. Lies to me about not being able to go out for dinner yet I know she is just lying." Don said which then revealed two men larger than Don to come out. They were wearing old dirty clothes and smelled awful. Serena was shaking and felt like screaming.
"Let's get her!" The oldest and largest of the two said while running at Serena. However Don interrupted them just as they were about to hit serena.
"No, I have better plans." Don said and then chuckled in an evil tone.
Serena was now crying but the largest of the men was restraining her from screaming, and to make it worse she had returned her Pokémon when she saw Don. Don was about to start stripping Serena's clothes off when suddenly he and his men were hit with an attack.
"Bounsweet use magical leaf! Then use double slap on them!" A female with green hair, a gray tank top and gray shorts said. The attack made the men lose their grip on Serena.
"Run!!" She yelled. Serena then followed the girl as the two ran. Serena was running faster than she ever has before, and nearly tripped over a rock in the process. However, thankfully for the two they got away unharmed and were now in a Pokémon Center.
"Are you okay?" The girl said.
"Yeah.. I'm okay and.. thank you so much... I'm Serena what's your name?" Serena said while taking deep breaths in between words.
"Mallow, I'm glad to see your okay, Serena!" Mallow said. "Here's some stuff you ought to know. Those three men are highly wanted criminals throughout the islands and if you ever see them again please call the police immediately. The two men are accused of beating to death two people, and Don is accused of raping eight women. I've been trying to help my uncle, who has been hunting for them for about a month, find them. They move to different alleys each time. I might tell my uncle that we need to highly be on the look for them, this is not acceptable. Normally I would try to capture them but this time I just wanted to help you and run." Mallow explained all this to Serena.
"Thank you very much Mallow, I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't been there, but I don't want to imagine. Is there a phone booth nearby, as much as I don't want to my mom needs to hear this." Serena said.
"Yeah, there's on over there, here's a coin you can have for it." Mallow said while pointing to a phone booth just outside and the center and handing her a quarter.
"Thank you so much!" Serena said. She then entered the small phone booth and put the coin into the slot. She dialed her mother's number and a timer of five minutes began.
"Mom." Serena started.. "I never imagined having to tell you this, but today I nearly got raped by a man. He also could've had his friends beat me. Luckily a friend of mine saved me.." Serena said while crying buckets of tears.
"Honey, that's awful." Grace said. "I'm really glad your okay. Whose the friend? I'll be sending them a check worth a lot of money for the help." Grace said.
"Her name is Mallow, she is really nice and I just met her. Send my hotel room the check and I'll deliver it to her.." Serena said still very shaken up by the events that took place nearly an hour ago.
"Alright Serena, I'm so glad you are okay. I love you, hope the rest of your day goes well."
"Bye mom, love you!" Serena said as she hung up the phone and left. She then proceeded to walk back into the Center and sat with Mallow.
  "So Serena, what are you doing next?" Mallow asked.
  "Well actually I don't know. I only came her for a short vacation and don't know what to do." Serena responded.
  "That's fine, why don't you come with me and meet all of my friends!" Mallow said while getting up from her seat.
"Uhh.. Sure why not!" Serena said with a big smile. She's already doing better after what happened.
At The Pokémon School..
"Professor, where is everyone else? I got a new friend named Serena who is on vacation here in Alola!" Mallow said.
  "Hi Serena, I'm Prof. Kukui, and I am the teacher at Pokémon School. Why don't you go meet everyone else, they are at the beach currently." Professor Kukui said.
  "S-sure!" Serena said. She then headed down to the beach where she already saw a lot of people and Pokémon.
   "Serena meet Lilly!" Mallow said while introducing her to a blonde female with a white shirt and white skirt.
  "Hi Serena, I'm Lilly! Ash come meet our new friend!" Lilly yelled to a raven haired Pokémon who was training with his Pikachu and Rowlet.
  "Alright who is it?" Ash said and then he glanced over. "Wait a second.. SERENA?" Ash said.
  "ASH!!" Serena said while running to the raven haired trainer. "Ash is it actually you?"
Authors Notes
Thank you for reading chapter two of my story. This chapter was the longest one so far and I'm actually pretty happy with it, if I have enough time I will publish chapter three later but more than likely not. I hope you enjoyed this chapter I think it was nice. Please comment and tell me what you think, thank you!

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