Chapter XXXVII

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The silence was total. It was complete.

The kind of silence that precedes the disaster, the one that precedes Death.

Wiese was taking my hand while we looked at the moon, they in amazement and I nostalgic, remembering how many times in the past I did the right same thing, being this only different because of my sole nature, because I was almost death, dreaming every night with the world that waited for me to wake up.

"Why did she do it, Alynne?" Asked Wiese, still focusing on the moon.

"Who? The Tenth?" I was already used to them reading my mind, despite we both knew it wasn't on purpose.

"Yes. Why did she did such a thing?"

"Do you know what fairies are, Wiese?" I asked as I looked at them, feeling a cool breeze kissing my skin.

"Guardians of Mother Nature?" They wondered.

"Exactly. Nature is both good and bad, light and dark. It kills so it can give new life, which would end at some point to create a new one, and so on."

"Is it part of her to do this?" There was a confusing look on their eyes. I could understand that Wiese had it hard to understand the whole picture.

"Yes and no. It was her decision to be like this. She decided it was more important to have power over others and rule at all cost. Some say she has a story behind it all, but I certainly don't care about it. She may had the worst of existences, but that's make it right to do what she's done to me or Pandora."

"Pandora? Isn't she...?" Asked Wiese looking to the ground.

"Part of this world? No, but she has been here far longer than me, that's why I trust her so much. But it has to be her who tells you her story," I said after a quick wink. Wiese was going to say something, but then the sound of something hitting the walls of the place made us alert. "This is becoming ridiculous!"

"Vampires and elves," said Gail behind me. When I looked at her, I saw that she was helping Pandora to stand up. She looked really tired and weakened.

"Pan! What happened?" I rushed to grab her and help her. My witch had a panicked look in her eyes, as if afraid of her own shadow.

"I cannot do magic, nothing. Not even incantations." Her voice was as weak as how her body seemed to be, and confirmed how afraid I thought she was as well.

"What? You are kidding, right?" Pandora shook her head. I couldn't stop myself from speaking, but the tears on her eyes said more than any other response.

"What about the book? You can still read it, can't you?" But Pandora shook her head again.

"I don't understand any of it." While she was talking, something hit the walls of the castle again, shaking it one more time.

Again, before I could say anything, another impact made us all fall to the ground and shook the structure more than before. I hit my head and everything started to spin around me for a second, making me even angrier than I already was.

I closed my eyes and tried to forget everything for a second, just for a second, enough for me to breathe deeply, fill my lungs as much as I could. Far away from were I where, I felt my physical body breathing as I was doing in Dreamare. I can face them, I can face them, I said to myself in my head.

When I opened them, the first thing I saw was a scythe, long, black, but that I could easily use; it wasn't that big as far as I could see, and so I went to grab it, remembering how impotent I felt during that brief moment while I was totally divided, almost destroyed, and how Pandora had protected us all.

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