Chapter Fifteen

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The bed groaned in relief as Lance rolled tiredly off her. Samantha let out a heavy breath and couldn't help the smile that stretched broadly across her face. She leaned over and cuddled up to Lance's sweat stained body.

She was in total heaven, day and night. She didn't regret her decision to move in with him and he proved trustworthy as he made sure she was always ok. He left for work in the mornings and she had dinner on the table by the time he came back. She was playing wife.

And she loved it.

She stretched as he wrapped his arms around her torso, kissing her passionately and wiping all the thoughts away that were swirling around her head.

"Don't you have work?" She giggled as he planted kisses on her chin.

"Yes....but...I've decided to stay home today" he said and smiled at her teasingly.

"For me?" She feigned surprise.

"For you baby" he answered and tickled her as she burst out laughing and trying hard to get away from his playful romp.

"Let's not stay in bed all day" she whined, "I want to do"

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