The return (recap)

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This is just a recap of the last chapter of the first book...

"You left me" Max whispered eventually.

El pulled away slightly, still relying on Max to support her, "I'm sorry" she managed to say with a croaky voice, one that hadn't been used properly for a long time.

"But you came back" Max stated with a smile, lifting her in the air and spinning them both around gently, "you came back" she repeated, lowering El back into an embrace, their foreheads resting together.

"I fought with everything I had" El said in the same sore voice, gripping Max's shoulders as tightly as she could and gazing into her eyes, "I'm sorry I took so long."

Max closed her eyes, guilty for being so selfish, El had been through hell, again, and she felt like she had to apologise to Max for taking so long. Shaking her head, Max said "you don't ever need to say sorry, I promise, all I care about is that you came back to came back to me" and she kissed her gently on the lips in front of everyone, before tightly hugging her again, grabbing fistfuls of her too loose clothes as if afraid she would disappear again.

This was the only thing El wanted, to be this close to her, she just needed Max for the rest of her life.


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