Blanket Fort!! - Joshua Balz

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Short and sweet❤


I'm laying on the floor coloring puppy's in my favorite shirt of Daddy's and my thigh high socks, my feet are swinging behind me as I lay on my stomach.

Daddy is sitting on the couch watching TV with Pia, Gucci, Volta, and Toronto all napping with him.

I pause coloring a puppy purple and look around the living room, a idea has found its way into my head and now I really really want to make it real.

I jump up from the floor, only to jump on Daddy's lap getting a grunt from him, "Dadddyyyy..." I draw his name out sweetly as his hands rub my thighs and he looks at me, chuckling.

"Yes, Baby Girl?" I bounce on him in excitement of what I want, only making him smile more and laugh again, gripping my waist gently to hold me still.

"Fort! Me want fort! Please, Daddy!?" I use my puppy eyes and lightly try to bounce again to show him I really want one.

"Okay, Baby. Why don't you go get some pillows while I grab the blankets?"

I quickly nod with huge smile, jumping off him to run upstairs to our bedroom, I hear Daddy laugh again as I open the door.

But, once I'm in I realize something.

All my stuffies have to come down too so they can see the fort.

I run to bed, grabbing all my stuffies off the pillows carefully, then pile up the pillows before putting my stuffies on them.

I pick the pile up, but Joshy my panda stuffie falls making me gasp and hurry to pick him up, as I do Candy; my horsey falls.

I whine  impatiently, needing to get everyone and the pillows downstairs to see the fort. I pick Candy up only to have more stuffies fall  on the floor, I pout, this is hard but I can't leave them up here when me and Daddy are having fun downstairs, that's not nice.

"Princess? What are you doing?" I look up seeing Daddy standing in the doorway looking amused.

"My stuffies need to come too, they love forts." I explain, watching him shake his head, chuckling as he walks closer.

"Let me help, you're to little to hold this much."

Daddy takes the pillows from me after putting my stuffie on the bed, putting the pillows under his arm then taking some stuffies with his other, letting me hold the rest.

"Thank chu, Daddy." I happily say as he leads me back down stairs.

"You're Welcome, little One. Ready to see the awesome Fort Daddy made?"

I nod excitedly  and run Into the living room, seeing a huge fort on the couches, going over to different chairs, it has lights on it and Daddy's computer is sitting In the with a stack of movies.

I jump up and down, thanking Daddy hundred of times and kissing his cheek before crawling in it, setting my stuffies down and waiting for Daddy to come in.

When he does, he has a smile and fixes the pillows against the couch, laying against it and opening his arms to me.

"Come cuddle me, Baby so we can watch Bambi."

I smile widely at the mention of Cuddles and Bambi, immediately laying in his arms, one wraps around my back, his hand on my lower back as he grabs his laptop and puts it on his lap for us to see.

Daddy plays Bambi then wraps his other arm around me tightly, Kissing my hair.

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