Chapter 13

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Rachel POV

Me and Damon try to lift Elena and Stefans drunk asses up but failed miserably. We called a cab and were still trying to lift them both up.

Me and Damon finally got them both to at least stand, and got them outside. The cold air hit them like a ton of bricks .

"Can I stay with Stefan?" Elena slurred to me

"I don't know, we weirdo need to call Jenna and see if it's alright" I explain to her

Damon spotted the cab and literally pushed Stefan in the back, he turned to me to put Elena is aswell.

I went in the back with Stefan and Elena, which was a big MISTAKE,they were kissing and touching each other making me feel like I was going to puke.

Was it jealousy?

"How are you holding up back there?" Damon asked from the front seat

"Absolutely amazing, besides the fact that they are probably going to fuck on me right here and now" I say

Damon and the cab driver laughs

"Listen you guys can camp at me and stefans tonight, we have a pretty big house" Damon stays as we pull up outside their house

We get them both out and Damon pays the taxi driver, h wished us both good luck with Stefan and Elena. Believe me we needed it.

We get in and immediately Stefans and Elena start stripping down and kissing, forgetting that me and Damon were still there.

Damon coughs thinking that it will stop them both but he was most certainly wrong.

"Guys!" He eventually shouts and they break apart

"Get a room" he adds on and they nodd and walk into Damon's room, before Damon notices.

"Whoa! Not my fucking room!" He shouts but they had already locked it and apparently went deaf aswell. Damon jiggled the handle but soon gave up knowing that they were going to have sex in his bed.

"I'm throwing out that mattress" he said as he poured me and him some whiskey

He sat in the couch opposite me and started a conversation

"So how long have you been here?" He asks drinking some of his whiskey slowly

I gulp remembering the amount of shot that had happened tonight, they were painful memories but I may as well share them, Damon looks like a promising guy.

"Well, I was dating a teacher and it didn't work out, I found out that im adopted, I walked in on my mother giving him a blow job" I say with a huge sigh at the end

He sucked in a breath and looked at me

"Wow, that's shit" he adds on

"What's his name?" He asks

"Finn Hudson" I say and his face dropped

"Finn Hudson? Tall? Muscular? Attractive? Not in a gay way" he asks me

"Yeah? How do you know him?" I ask growing more curious

"He's my brother" he addresses

My eyes bulge out of their sockets, Wait
So Damon,Stefan and Finn are all brothers? Finn never told me had brothers or any family. Well I only dated him for like 4 days.

"I'm sorry for talking about him like a piece of shit. Even tho that's what he is" I say honestly

Damon laughs

"Say what you want about him, I feel the same way" he says short

What? Did Finn and him have an argument? Looks like they haven't spoke in ages, I wonder if Stefan still talks to him

"I don't mean to be nosy but are you and Finn on good terms?" I ask my curiosity getting the better of me

"Well, that's a question I've been asking myself for years. No we aren't, because he done something years ago that I've never forgiven him for" he says pouring more whiskey into his empty cup

I knew to stop there with the questions, he clearly doesn't like Finn at all.

Just then my phone phone starts buzzing, I didn't recognise the number so I just denied it and went back to talking to Damon

We could hear Stefan and Elena having sec from Damon's room, me and Damon just sat there in awkward silence listening or trying not to when my phone goes off again, so I just answer it

"Hello?" I ask

"Rachel! You answered, how are you?!" A familiar masculine voice asked through the phone

"What do you want?" I asked walking out of the room from Damon incase he heard who it was on the phone

"I wanted to say I'm sorry" he said pleadingly

"Finn,you broke me. You are an asshole" I say harshly

"I didn't know what I was doing, honestly. I'm sorry, rach please" he beggs once again

I'm going to give into him I know know that, I'm trying to fight it. He does seem genuinely sorry, but I'm not that easy

"You broke my heart" I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me through the other end of the phone

I heard him sniffle and that made my heart shatter, he sounded so much more innocent than what he was.

"You deserve someone better but it would kill me if I saw you with someone else but I understand if you never want to speak to me again" he said sincerely

I wanted to ask him about Damon but I might have been pushing it with the consequences

"I forgive you" I say

"What?!" He shouts

It's cute that he wasn't expecting that

"I forgive you, and if you ever break my heart again I will shove a shovel up your ass" i say stern

"Thank you so much rach, when can I see you?" He asks quickly

How am I going to tell him that I'm transferring?

"Finn I'm might transfer to another school, I don't want anyone knowing about the adoption thing" I trail off

It doesn't seem to bother him

"I'll back you every step of the way,just watch me" he says confidently


"Ok, well I need to go ok, goodnight finn" I say

"Goodnight beautiful" he replies making my heart flutter

Everything is almost on track

Hey guys sorry for not updating I was taking a little break from just finishing my other book, comment what you think of this please, love you all 💖❤️❣️💝💕

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