First Scene With Andy - Andy Biersack

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Please excuse the terrible writing, I haven slept in 24 hours and wanted to finish this so I kinda just rushed, I know it's not good. Sorry.

I know that Sub's don't think like this, not to cause any trouble, it's just for the imagine.

The picture is what a double cuff  looks like. 

There was a gif at the end of what Andy does to the character but when I edited this, it disappeared and I don't know where on tumblr I found it, so..yeah.

I walk out of the school alone like usual, I like being alone, I have no friends or parents meaning I live alone. It's fun living alone, I can run around the house naked if I wanted, I don't unless I forgot clothes when I shower.

At school I keep to myself, no one talks to me and vise versa, except a boy by the name of Andy Biersack. Ever since the first day of senior year, he's been flirting, calling me pet names, trying to get me to agree to go on a date with him, now he's attractive and all but I don't want a relationship right now.

He's relentless, it's now in the middle of the year and he hasn't given up. Andy is tall, black short hair, beautiful blue eyes, a deep voice and is lean and thin with tattoos all over him, if I wanted to date someone; I'd definitely date him.

I just don't want a relationship cause of the drama that goes around in high schools, girls get jealous and spread rumors that just end in me getting hurt, the couple not trusting each other and ending things, I don't want that, I want a rumor free relationship.

In other words, an adult relationship where no one believes in some stupid rumors some whores spread, one where I can trust the other person and love them like I should be able To.

I'm a  submissive, that's exactly why I need a rumor free and  completely trust worthy relationship, the man I'm with will have my full trust cause hopefully he's a Dom.

I don't think Andy is a Dom, he looks like it and has dominance but I'm not completely sure, yet.

Yes, I've seen some dominant traits; he opens doors for me, he guides me by my lower back, he fixes my hair or outfit, makes me look at him by saying 'look at me', and he makes sure when he walks with me he moves me closer when guys run pass or try to talk to me on rare occasions.

"Hey, Beautiful." I jump at Andy's deep voice next to me, making him laugh, think of the devil and he shall appear.

I don't stop walking through the parking lot knowing he usually follows me until we get to his car, I walk home so he always offers a ride but I just say no.

"Hi, Andy." My voice is quiet as I glance up at him seeing his lips in a smirk and his eyes never leaving me, I'm short compared him, only to his chest or jaw.

"So, have you decided to take me up on my offer for the best date ever? I'm still waiting."

He rest his long arm over me like normal, I know not to shrug him off, he'll just return it plus get that look like he's mad, his eyes darken and a unattractive frown carves on his lips.

"Andy, I've told you a lot of times, I don't want a relationship. If I did, I would go with you, but-"

Andy suddenly stops, his hand roughly grabbing my hair and yanking my head back as he pulls me against him, I whimper in shock, if I wasn't actually turned on and willing to submit, I would be struggling.

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