Fluff - First Kiss(es) - Part 1/6

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Romantic!Evan x Conner

Truth to be told, Connor had no idea how he ended up in this situation with Evan Hansen of all people.

He did remember mentioning that he had never kissed anyone and that it wasn't a big issue. Kissing was just smacking of skin anyway. How was it any different to other actions such as...clapping hands? Seriously. Who even started this concept that kissing was supposed to be romantic? And what if said person made clapping of foot romantic, did that mean they'd had to do it too? To show affection or what? It didn't make sense.

He remembered Evan telling that he was missing a lot and he needed to prove him wrong. That he needed to be taught the beauty of kissing.

Which lead them here. Sitting on Connor's bed, legs dangling over the edge, touching the ground. Evan was too close to him that their thighs were touching. He was wearing his stupid striped polo shirt. His parents were out having a dinner date and Zoe was spending the night at a friend's house and here they were, staring at one another. One with determination, the other with confusion.

"Do we really need to do this?" Connor groaned.

"I can't believe you're living your life thinking kiss is just smacking of skin! We have to change that." Conner had never seen Evan this serious even on video games. He knew Evan was awkward and sweaty around girls, but with guys. Evan was much more confident. I wonder why that is?

Connor rolled his eyes. "Fine. Let's get this over with." Closing his eyes, he waited for Evan to just kiss him.

Honestly, Connor knew that if he really didn't want this, Evan wouldn't push him. Okay so maybe he was a bit- tinsey weinsy bit- curious on all this kissing drama.

He felt a flick on his forehead which made him open his eyes. Rubbing the spot, he scowled at Evan. "What was that for?"

"Connor Murphy, if we're doing this, we're doing it properly. You don't just close your eyes and wait for it to land on you."

"Then what am I supposed to do, oh Mr. Kissing Expert?"

Evan clapped his hand. "I'm glad you asked!"
He folded his legs on the bed and faced Connor, urging Connor to do the same.
"Okay so here's how it is, dude. You don't just dive in. That's not how a gentleman works. You have to set the mood first."

The last sentence was uttered in an exaggerated breathy tone that had Connor rolling his eyes. How many times would he roll his eyes tonight?

"So what now?"

"Well, I'm assuming that you have some kind of romantic involvement to the one you're going kiss, you gotta go slow."

Connor almost made a comment on how they didn't exactly have any romantic involvement but here they were, about to suck each other's face.
"Just do it, Evan."

He wasn't expecting the hand that landed on top of his. Staring at it wide-eyed, he muttered,

"Setting the mood." He raised their joint hands and kissed the back of Connor's palm. Then he was rubbing his thumb on it in gentle circles.


Maybe this was affecting Connor more than it probably should. The feeling of soft fingers against his rough, chipped-black-nail-polished hand had his face heating up more and more as the seconds went by. To Connor the seconds were more like minutes or hours even, it seemed like the longer Evan's hand was on his, the slower time went. He had never felt this way before.

"There it is~" The smugness in Evan's tone irked Connor.

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