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/Since this is the chibi book I feel like I don't have to put (Chibi) whenever a new character says something, you all know everyone in this is chibi. Including yourself!/

~Disclaimer: This isn't cannon~

~(Y/n) & Ruby Makes Cookies!

A simple kitchen is shown with a large bowl and ingredients scattered around a counter. Ruby and (Y/n), both chibi of course, jump up from behind the counter

(Y/n): "Okay why am I here?"

Ruby: "You'd promise you help me make cookies!"

(Y/n): "Since when?"

Ruby: "Just help me okay! It's harder than it looks!"

(Y/n): "Okay okay let me just get the flour you can start cracking those eggs"

He went looking through cabinets to find the flour as Ruby picked up an egg happily then softly tapping it against the bowl but becomes perplexed when the egg didn't break. She started to hit the egg against the edge of the bowl repeatedly getting the same result, she finally gets fed up and throws the egg in the bowl in all her might splattering it getting some yolk on her face from the splash. She scowls at herself as her boyfriend comes back with a bag of flour in his hand

(Y/n): "Okay I found the flou-" he stops seeing the scowling Ruby with yolk on her face "Uh there's a bit of uh... I'll just get that"

He grabs a paper towel and cleaned off the yolk from her face before drawing his attention to the bowl. He tilted the bag but nothing came out confusing the duo, he tilted it a little more but nothing. He got frustrated and jumped on the counter holding the bag completely upside down shaking it vigorously letting the flour burst from the bag like a hose causing (Y/n) and Ruby to scream from surprise then fall off the counter letting out a pained groan

When he gets up he looks at Ruby who had the chocolate chip bag in her left hand and holding a single chip in her right as she looks at it with anticipation. Suddenly (Y/n) gets flashbacks of a similar situation but with Summer

(Y/n): "Ruby, no!" she moves the chocolate chip closer to her mouth "Ruby I know what your thinking, should I eat this chocolate chip and the answer might sur-"

It was too late, she chomped on the chocolate chip. Her eyes kept darting at (Y/n) and the bag as if thinking on a decision

Ruby: 'Chocolate... boyfriend... chocolate... boyfrien- CHOCOLATE'

She grabs multiple handfuls of chocolate chips throwing them in her mouth moving around avoiding (Y/n) who was trying to take the bag away from her. She eventually tripped and was helped back up but (Y/n) swiped the bag from her hands and walks back to the counter with the bowl

Ruby: "Noooo my love!!"

(Y/n): "Uh hello? Boyfriend standing right here!"

She cries on the floor while (Y/n) lets out a huge sigh before adding the chips to the bowl. Ruby soon got over her lost love and continued to help (Y/n). He grips the spoon and tries to move it but it doesn't even budge. He tries again and grunts out of frustration, Ruby then get on the counter grabbing the spoon as well placing her feet on the bowl and started pulling only to be sent flying backward from her failed attempt. She got even angrier and jumped back on the counter this time pushing the spoon but once again got flown off.

(Y/n): "I got an idea" he steps away from the counter a few feet and runs at the counter jumping when close enough kicking the spoon only hearing a small snap in his foot and fell to the ground in pain. He stood up a second later to see Ruby pouring the chocolate chip bag in her mouth "Really..."

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