• Dedicated to My friends and family
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Heartpoint lay in the clearing; the sun’s rays bathed her in a radiant light that caused her white coat to glow. To a passerby it would appear as if all light radiated from her. Her white horn spiraled up from the crown of her head and the tip seemed to glow.

Leadingspine lowered his sable head and pressed his muzzle to her cheek. “How are you, my love?” he asked softly as he drew back. He glanced briefly over his flank to view the other unicorns that waited in the small clearing.

“I’m fine Leadingspine. It will not be long now. Please, have Ivyleaf come to me now.”  She laid her head down over her forelegs.

Leadingspine turned and galloped across the short grass. When he returned a tall dappled mare trotted before him.

Heartpoint lay panting; the grass bed cushioned beneath her swollen belly. Leadingspine stopped as soon as he saw the pain wash over her face. He pawed at the ground. There was nothing he could do to ease her pain but he tried to mummer comforting sounds.

Ivyleaf turned to him, “Maybe you should wait with the others.” She advised him.

“No, I will stay.” He stated firmly and made a resolved effort not to let his distress show. He would not be separated from his lifemate at this crucial time.

Heartpoint’s tail twitched. Ivyleaf moved to stand at her tail. Leadingspine kept his eyes firmly on his lifemates face. He inwardly shuddered with each new reflection of pain in her eyes. He ached to press his face to her neck and just take in her scent. He didn’t move. He didn’t want to distract her. 

He saw the exact moment that her pain ended. The muscles in her muzzle relaxed. Her eyes cleared and a soft sigh escaped her parted lips on a soft breath.

“Heartpoint, you have birthed a fine colt.” Ivyleaf said. Heartpoint sighed happily again.  Heartpoint and Leadingspine turned to look at their offspring.

The colt lay in the soft grass. His coat was still wet and sticky. Heartpoint lifted her head and turned her body. The colt lifted but didn’t stand. She licked his muzzle, his jaw, and continued to clean him until his coat shown as brilliantly as her own. The colt had no horn; in its place was a small hard raised bump. She took special care as she cleaned this area. The raised bump was covered in a soft furry film that would slowly recede over the next month.

 Leadingspine stepped over to his family. He waited a moment giving mother and son a moment to bond. When Heartpoint lifted her head and looked at him, he understood the silent invitation. He leaned down and licked the newborn colt’s ear, then the new mothers.

The colt struggled to move. He pushed against the ground with his soft hooves. It took him a moment to stand and then another to gain stable legs. 

Ivyleaf rejoined them; Leadingspine had not realized that she had left after clearing the birth scene.

Waterdrop, Mightyoak, Mapleflower, Windrider, Moonshadow, Wheatshield, Ashguard, Redmoon, and the rest of the herd followed in Ivyleafs lead. Dewpetal was the last to come forward and lick Heartpoint’s face. After the gesture, she moved back shyly.

Everyone spoke at once; it was like roaring waterfalls in Heartpoint’s mind. She closed her eyes and concentrated her senses on the scent of her new colt. Ivyleaf called to the others, “It is time to leave the mew family alone.  We can meet them back at the home grounds when the colt is ready to travel from the birth ground.” She turned to Heartpoint and Leadingspine. “We shall see you at the home grounds at moon high.”

The others turned to leave with mummers of goodbye. The colt had decided that his hunger needed to be quenched and snuggled up to his mother. As he drank, the others left one by one. Ivyleaf remained after they were gone.