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The last bell rang to signal for the school day to end. I meet up with Darcy at my looker. "Hey, girl how was your day?" I ask turning to open my locker

"Good, did u have a good birthday?"

"It's not over yet. you want to come over? Me, you, and Luke could go a movie or something." I say,

" Yeah that sounds cool, maybe I could come over after and spend the night with you?"

"Yeah, that sounds cool. So I'll see in a hour or so?"

"Yeah sounds great, see you soon bye Lexi!" Darcy said waving

"Bye," I say back, turning to open the front door that led out to the parking lot. when I get home I shower get dressed and do my hair, when I'm about done with my makeup I hear a knock on my door.

"Hey, you almost ready?" The voice belongs to Luke

" Yeah, almost is Darcy here yet?"

"Yeah she downstairs talking to your mom and dad."

We walk down to the living room, and we all head out to the car I sit up front with Luke and Darcy sits in the back.

" What movie are we seeing?" Darcy asked

"We could see the new hunger games movie mocking jay." I say

"Ok sounds cool"

After the movie it's poring down rain. Luke driving me and Darcy home. I have no idea how Luke saw to drive. About ten minutes before we get to house we see headlights coming straight for us. CRASH!!! That's all I remember from that night was the sound of the crash.

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