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And that wraps up Absolute Zero.

I wrote that one in a bizarre and bad time. I wrapped up Necropolis 3 towards the end of 2013 and knew I needed to take a break. I also didn't really know what was up next. I changed my mind a lot.

First, I thought that I should do a handful of short stories I'd been tossing around for awhile. But quickly figured that'd be a bad idea. I finally settled on bringing Trent and Drake into the fold, but the original working idea was a novel called The Dirt Wars, which was about two groups of mercs who had been hired to defend one plot of land that had been claimed by two opposing companies. So they were constantly locked in a state of warfare. Then one of them accidentally unleashed monstrous horrors.

But I just couldn't make The Dirt Wars work at the time. I still want to write this someday.

Finally, I decided to adapt an old idea I had of nightmarish horrors unleashed from an ancient alien research facility on a frozen world at the edge of the galaxy. What I ended up with was Absolute Zero.

All of this indecisive behavior was made even worse by the fact that I was sick for some of it. Like, super sick. I felt like I was dying. Also, it was winter, which meant I was miserable and depressed and unmotivated.

Even when I did finally settle on what to do for Absolute Zero, it seemed to take forever to actually get it written. I had to take breaks several times.

I'm surprised it came out how it did. I thought it'd be a lot worse.

Anyway, if you want to keep reading, you have one of two choices.

If you're insistent on reading everything I've written for this series, then up next is BLOOD & TEARS, which is a novella that focuses on Sharpe and her life before Absolute Zero. It's sad.

If you're only interested in reading the main novels, then check out CEASELESS. It is another stand-alone novel, introducing a new protagonist in a new situation. It's one of my two personal favorites from the series, and it's a bit different from everything else that's come before it.

Either way, I hope you like it and thanks for reading!

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