Chapter Nine: School, I guess;Part 2

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Vira pov.

     "First day,you can do this. I can do this. I can't do this, " I thought to myself. I wanted to go back into the car,but I didn't wanna make Matpat disappointed in me. I turned around,seeing Matpat wiping his eye with a tissue. When he saw me looking, he threw the tissue behind him,pretending like he wasn't crying. He waved at me and drove away.

       I guess it's up to me now.

    " Hey!" I heard someone say. I kept on walking, thinking that it was someone calling someone behind me. But then I heard running and felt a tap on my shoulder.

     " You're Vira,right?  Viralbutnotreally?  Matpat and Steph's kid?" the person who tapped me,a brunette haired boy,asked.

    I nodded. " Cool! I'm Matthew,funny enough, and I'm a GTlive,game theory and film theory fan," he said excitedly.

    "Well,nice to meet you Matthew. You already know me,so... Umm, what's up?" I reply awkwardly.

    " You seem more confident on camera. That doesn't matter though. Is this your first day?" Matthew continued.

     "Yeah. Could you take me to the office? I needa get my schedule," I say.  Matthew nods his head excitedly.

   " I visit the office every morning so I'll take you there," he says,already leading the way.

     As we enter the office, an old lady at the desk in front smiles at us.

      " Hello Matthew.I see you've brought a girl with you. Are you the new student? "
she says sweetly.

    " Yes,I'm here to collect my schedule. "

     She hands me the schedule and Matthew and I leave the office.

    "Cool! You've got the same classes as me! Except,I don't take that class," he says,pointing to my schedule. Apparently, I have the Science special program class for my "Excellent results in Science in previous years". I hated that. At least I'd be stuck with people like me.

    " Let's get to class."

      I breathe a sigh of relief as I follow Matthew to class.

    As I enter the classroom, five people stare at me. One of them has GT merch. I guess they were all fans.

   I introduced myself when the teacher told me to,and the rest of the day seemed ok. I had some friends, and everyone was nice. Not what I expected.

Lunch time..

       I was starving after my first Science class. Mostly because we were talking about food.

     I see Matthew run up to me.
"Vira! Vira!"he exclaimed.

      " Yeah,what's up Matt?" I ask.

     " You know,every student is required to join a club or elective after school?" he asks. I nod.

  "I think I found you one!"
"Hold up,what? Matt that's so sweet of you! I literally just met you today and you're helping me. What is it?"

    " I showed the drama teacher the videos of you sing,and he said that you could sign up and possibly be part of the Autumn play!"

"Matthew! You're amazing!  Thank you so much!" I wanna hug him but realized that it would be too awkward.

   "Fistbump?" "Sure!"

      Some kids from class invited me to sit with them,but they didn't want Matthew there too. Matt and I sat with the other GT fans from class. There were quite a few fans from other classes and other grades who wanted to sit with me. I just switched off my hearing aids and let Matthew talk to them while I ate. I was so excited to tell Matpat what happened.

    I felt like taking a selfie of me and the fans. So I did. After school.




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