"Not really ..." Dazai whispered with a soft smile surprising the ginger :"Everyone coming after me are in fact only after my money so i can't really consider them as friends and ... last time, i meant no harm when i walked into your territory, i felt really bored at only staying in my room and i can't bear the sunlight that's why i went to the forest so i wish this clears the misunderstanding ."

"That's ... sad ..." the ginger muttered averting the other's gaze but fastly hushed :"B .. but what if you are lying ??? I was always told not to trust anyone who lives in the other side so i .. i don't believe you ..." the ginger grabbed the edge of the white t-shirt he wore tightly in his small hands not getting why he was feeling so bad at saying that last line, probably because no one from 'the other side' treated him so nicely as the brunet did. He sure was taken back by the other softly giggling :"You are really lucky if you can already trust the people from your side, not trusting anyone is a routine for me but ..."

The ginger slightly backed away at the brunet getting closer taking a good look on the other's eyes and exposed collarbones :"But you aren't being fair with me by judging me without even trying to know me ..." Chuuya slightly lifted his t-shirt as he noticed where the other was gazing at then nervously asked :"What ... do you mean by knowing you ?"

"I am saying that i want to meet you again~" the brunet suddenly leaned down to be on the same level as the ginger directly staring at his ocean eyes and drowning into them. The other hurriedly averted his gaze and pushed him away :"There .. there is no reason for us to meet again !"

"There are~" Dazai started lifting his hand and listing his reasons :"Your beauty is the main reason besides, you are nice and you don't seem as those people who are only interested in my money and there is no way i can let you go after you said that you don't trust me, i need to convince you that i totally deserve your trust ... well, there are other reasons but let's just keep it with these four ones~" the brunet said then added in his thoughts "You would probably freak out if you found out about my other reasons~"

"I said i'm not nice and not b .. beautiful !" The ginger hushed before pouting and staring away with his fingers playing with his ginger hair :"But w .. well, it's not like i got something to do and you seem really pitiful at always being alone so i will stay with you because i really .. like really ! pity you so ... when are you free and were do you want to meet ?"

Dazai chuckled at the other's tsundere attitude finding it even cuter :"I'm always free so let's just meet tomorrow morning, i will let you choose the place~" his constant soft smile started getting on the ginger's nerves as he hushed :"Just go inside the forest but don't walk too far inside it, i will find you there and you better be thankful that i'm wasting my time on a lonely guy like you, don't ... don't think that i'm doing this because i trust you or grew to like-"

He instently freezed at the brunet suddenly kissing his cheek then backing away and pointing at himself :"Thank you for wasting your time on such a lonly person like me ..." he opened his eyes widely when he noticed the ginger blushing but he only felt disappointed again since he didn't get to see it closely as the ginger instently ran away. Here again, he spent all the night reminiscing the beautiful ginger and planning on how to make him blush even more the next day.

The brunet didn't wait too long inside the forest when the ginger showed up wearing the same white t-shirt with very small grey shorts, the same sandals and a straw hat on his head, Dazai particulary liked the black choker around the ginger's neck. He was pulled out of his admiration as he heard the other hush :"Stop staring at me that way, it's freaky !! Let's .. just go ..." and he fastly walked away not waiting for the brunet who tried his best to follow him.

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