The Little Christmas Miracle (1)

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Louis-Papa (twenty-nine)

"Liam, do you know what tomorrow is?" Niall asked the three-year-old as he brought in three cups, and one bottle full of cocoa. Louis and Liam were sat on the floor, admiring the Christmas decorations, while Sierra sat on the couch, reading a book that had every piece of information you could ever need about babies. It was a gift she had given to the boys, but she wanted to read it as well. Just in case.

Sierra was the birth mother of Liam, and of course the baby in her stomach. When Niall and Louis decided it was time for kids, they immediately started looking for women who could possibly carry their children. They could of course adopt, but they wanted children that had at least some of their DNA, so they could have that special connection.

For Liam, Niall donated his sperm to Sierra, whom got the sperm into her eggs by a professional doctor. This time, Louis donated his. Luckily, both children have had no complications in the womb, or delivery.

Sierra was nine months pregnant, and ready to pop at any moment. The woman had insisted on not staying with them, claiming she could take care of herself in her apartment. However, Louis and Niall wanted her to be close, so they could watch her progress, and help her with anything. In the early months, Sierra was free to go wherever and stay in her apartment if she wanted to. But for the last couple of months, it has been harder for her to do simple house chores, like doing laundry and vacuuming.

The men of course let her stay with them. Since she could burst at any moment now, she was staying in their guest room, as well as having Braxton Hicks and major cramps.

"Tomorrow is Cismas Eve an'. .an' Papa's birfday!" Liam cheers, clapping his hands, looking at all the tree ornaments with joy lingering in his big, doe, brown eyes.
"That's right!" Niall smiles, taking a sip of hot cocoa. Liam had his cocoa in a bottle, which he could feed himself with.
"When's da baby comin' Papa?" Liam enquires. This was the question he had been asking for the past week. He was so excited to be a big brother. He was told by his fathers that it could be a boy or a girl. He hoped it would be a boy. Girls were. . .girly (stereotypically speaking)!

"We're not sure baby. Any day now." Louis said, eyeing Sierra who was still reading, and rubbing her large stomach.

"I want 'im now!" Liam huffed, crossing his arms and curling himself into a ball. Niall and Louis couldn't help but chuckle.
"He or she, darling," Niall corrected. Liam sent him a glare, and the daddy chuckled.

"Hey, Liam. Come here a minute, the baby's kicking." Sierra said from the couch. Liam perked up at that, running over and seating himself next to the woman. He had grown to like the women. Even before the baby came, she and Liam were always close. The three-year-old was oblivious to the fact that she was his birth mother. Niall, Louis, and Sierra weren't sure whether or not to tell Liam the important news, or wait until he was older, but they figured if they told him now, it would cause some problems and confusion.

Sierra gently pulled up her shirt, exposing her large and swollen stomach. She guided Liam's hand over to where she felt kicking, and placed it on top. It only took a minute before a little gasp left Liam's mouth. A couple more kicks touched the palm of his hand. Niall and Louis quickly snapped a couple pictures, wanting to savor the very beginnings of the two brother's relationship.
"Da baby is ready to come out!" Liam cheered, moving his hand away when he didn't feel any kicks for a couple minutes.
"Almost kiddo, just have to wait a little bit longer." The baby's due date was a couple days after Christmas, so they weren't too worried. Though there was a feeling inside of them that was constantly biting at them, too scared to let Sierra out of their sight.

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