Two: Trouble Fitting In

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The five newly reformed villain kids made their way through the hallway, Jay and Carlos in front with Mal, Helena and Evie behind them. Mal was hanging her head down, ignoring the people around her after this morning's episode. Helena had her head tucked into a Greek book she was reading since morning. Evie was holding Mal's spell book in one hand and her bag in the other, a bright smile on her face. Jay walked beside Carlos, who was holding onto Dude's leash.

"Hi, Jay," Numerous girls said to Jay as he and his friends walked together.

"Why do you torture them? Just pick someone to take to Cotillion already," Carlos said.

"I'm going solo. That way, I can dance with all of them," Jay replied with a chuckle.

"Ah! You're the expert," Carlos responded with a nervous chuckle. His voice then went down to a whisper as he asked his friend, "Um, Jay... if you were gonna ask someone, what's the best way to go?"

Jay put his hand on the shoulder on the white-haired boy, who was staring at him intently as to not miss a word of what he was going to say. "Look, all you got to do... is be me."

"Oh, ha, ha."

Jay looked over at Carlos and mouthed to him, 'Did you ask her to the Cotillion?' To which Carlos shook his head, causing Jay to smack the smaller boy on his arm

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Jay looked over at Carlos and mouthed to him, 'Did you ask her to the Cotillion?' To which Carlos shook his head, causing Jay to smack the smaller boy on his arm. Jay didn't understand why Carlos didn't ask Helena to the Cotillion yet. She was his girlfriend. He already asked her out, so asking her to a dance shouldn't be that hard.

"Helena!" The Greek girl looked up from her book after hearing someone call her name, seeing Doug coming her way and stopping in front of her.

"Oh, hey Doug." Dopey's son smiled before holding out a dirty envelope toward Helena. Seeing the confusion etched onto the princess' face, Doug then explained, "It came in the mail for you."

"From who?" Mal asked as Helena took the paper into her own hands and looked down at it.

"Don't know. It didn't leave a return address."

"Thanks, Doug," Evie told the boy, who nodded before walking off.

"Is it your Dad?" Jay asked as he and the other gathered around her, the five all staring down at the strange letter.

"No. If he wanted me to have something, he would make sure that it appeared near me," Helena replied. Who could have possibly sent her this and why?

Mal's green eyes followed him, nodding her head to signal Helena to open the letter once he was out of sight. On the inside, there was a dirty piece of paper, typed words appearing to be smeared as it seemed that someone spilled water all over it. On top of the typed words were handwritten words and phrases like, "Traitors," "So much for long live evil", and "It's my turf now."

"This is a menu for Ursula's Fish and Chips," Jay spoke up, pointing to the top of the paper where the logo was smeared.

"It has to be Uma, who else could it be?" Evie added.

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