Chapter 3

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I reached the classroom door and slightly hesitate at first but then I take a deep breathe and open the door, walking in. It started around 2 .p.m but it was now 30 minutes after 2 and surely it was going to be an all eyes on me reaction and I was probably going to called out like I usually am by most of the teaches do to every student that is way over late.

I walk in and it's all eyes on me, I have over 20 pairs of eyes on me as the door slams shut behind me and I walk to my seat and sit down. Mr. James is a nerdy teacher, he wears suspenders with somewhat high waisted pants with his shirt tucked into them and rounded glasses. He was mixed with Italian and American but he sounded like he was from down south.

The class was nearly 2 hours long and it was one of the longest classes that I had and I hated it. Most of the teachers in my classes were sort of dicks and were always coming in the mornings and the afternoons all mad and stuck up as if it was our problem that they had gotten or were upset.

I sigh and take out the books that I need and take down notes. After a while the bell rings and Mr. James dismisses us. I quickly get up, gathering my things as I walk out of the classroom through the main building and back to the dormitory. Walking back outside, it seemed to be cooler than it was. I smile softly, walking and letting the cool breeze hit my face.

I take a moment and walk over to the nearest tree to enjoy the shade and peaceful mood though suddenly I'm bumped into and I fall on my rear. My books and papers scatter as i fall and shake my head from the fall trying to clear my mind as i sit up and begin to gather my things.

???: "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

"Yeah no shit Sherlock." I growl as I blink and hold my head. "Ow..."

I look up to see just who it is that I gotten bumped into by and see a boy, may 20 years old, 6'0. He has short brow cut hair, and a muscular build. He seemed to look maybe Latino or Mexican but I couldn't tell. He's wearing a black Korn band shirt with dark blue skinny jeans, he had piercings in his lips and his ears.

I bite my lips as i slowly look up farther, his eyes are a bright baby blue, his lips were full and soft looking, and I noticed that he had tattoos. He smiles at me, causing me to blush as I quickly look back down. 

???: "I really am sorry, I didn't see you. Here. Let me help you." He helps me gather my things and then helps me up and when I stand, my balance wavers.

"Thank you, and next time you do, need to watch where you're going, you could have seriously hurt someone or yourself. You're lucky as I did was hit my head.." I sigh and hold my books to me chest tightly, my other hand on my head. "God my head really hurts." I groan.

He reaches over and touches my forehead and i look at him wide eyed. 

???: "Don't worry I'm not going to do anything, I'm just checking. The name's Daniel by the way, Danny for short, what's yours?" He smiles another blinding smile and I can't help but blush all over again.

"I'm Rachael, Rae for short." I bite my lip again and I slowly begin to walk towards the dormitory and he looks at me. 

Daniel: "If you want I can walk with you, I just kinda wanna make sure that you're actually okay and you wont end up fainting on the way to where ever you're going." He runs a hand through his hair and sticks his other hand into his front pants pocket.

I nod a bit, "Sure, I don't mind, but don't you maybe have a class of something that you need to get to? If you do I can just walk on my own..." As I say that he chuckles softly looking at me. Why is he making me feel this way?

Daniel: "No I don't have a class to be in nor anyone to see. If you don't want me walking with you, you could just tell me and I'll back off." He smiles almost as if he was hoping I wouldn't agree and send him off. 

I think a bit and then shake my head, almost causing me to lose my balance. He notices and catches my arm. Maybe I really wasn't okay and needed him by my side just in case. We begin walking together to the girls dormitory and not only does he walk me there but he walks me to my room and I let him. 

Daniel: "Again I am sorry for earlier, but I do think that you should get some rest, and make sure to level your head just in case okay?" I nod, giving him a smile and seem him visibly relax.

We say our goodbyes and head our separate ways, closing the door once hes left and I decide to stay in bed for the rest of the day. I get dressed in some pajamas and get into bed, covering up with my head pounding.

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