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Hello everyone!!

For those that have read my stuff welcome back and for those that have not...well HELLO, welcome to the family :) 

This is my first ever Short Story here on Wattpad so I am really hoping you all enjoy it. I have been working on this story for a bit now and have kept it a secret to give you guys a little something new to read. 

If you like cheesy, romantic, fluffy, stories than this is the right one for you! It is cheesy and there are parts you are going to be like 'Really?' but I promise you'll love it...or I hope you do. 

Because this is a short story that means it is only 21 CHAPTERS and each chapter is only like 2k words. As a person who normally writes full length novels this was kind of hard for me to do. As you read you will see the chapters getting longer because I couldn't control myself. 

So this book is a quick read but that is why I wrote the entire story before posting it so you guys can start and not have to wait for an update like my other stuff. As I said before I haven't ever written a short story for wattpad so this is new for me and the writing style is a bit different. The chapters don't hold as much detail as my other stuff just so you know. 

If you guys do enjoy this short story then PLEASE LET ME KNOW! If you guys do enjoy it I will start posting little stories like this once in a while. I actually enjoyed doing it and I really hope you guys do too. 

Also! I did not put a cast for this book either. I wanted you guys to picture them yourselves but feel free to comment who you think should play the characters. 

But anyways, I do hope you all enjoy this little story. Make sure to comment and vote! (Lets see if we can make the short story charts with this one!) 

I love you guys so much!! 

AND HUGE THANK YOU TO kimberly_white101 FOR THE GORGEOUS COVER!! I freaking love it so much!! <3 <3 <3




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Story Playlist....

*When Did You Stop Loving Me-Hunter Hayes

*Lose My Mind- Dean Lewis 

*Rewrite The Stars- Zac Efron and Zendaya

*All I Ever Wanted- Brian Melo 

*I Was Made For Loving You- Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran

* If Only- Descendants 

*18- One Direction 

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