Eli Wesley - F I V E

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 Eli Wesley - F I V E


 I still couldn't let go of how idiotic it was of me to do that.

 Preston and Coops died of laughter when I revealed my attempt to kiss Lana. No matter how I tried to play it cool, it was too obvious with the way my voice sounded. Not taking their reaction as a warning already, I wanted to tape my mouth shut when I mentioned about that prize stand. I swear something was wrong with it! Right when they finally composed themselves, they burst into laughter once again. I still remember Preston wiping his eyes while he held onto his stomach — his signature laughing style.

 Coops shook his head and smirked. "Seems like the Wesley lost his touch."

 In denial, I didn't want to talk about how I saw Lana different that night. Just being around her pulled me in naturally.

 That wasn't the plan. And I had to stick to the plan.

 As if Preston read my thoughts at the time, he reminded, "Bro, you don't want anything to happen or else both of you will be in trouble. Just keep it  what is it? Oh... laid back, nothing serious."

 I told him I had everything under control. That's when Coops flashed me a look, hoping that I really did. Julian Cooper was reading past me. But, I knew I wasn't going to fall for Lana.

 Haley was the one on my mind. Right?

 "Mom told us you went on a date!"

 "Finally getting over Haley?"

 What a surprise to head downstairs to.

 That, to whom it may concern, was my two younger sisters.

 And let me add how they're twins. "Double Trouble" was what I always called them.

 Abigail, "Abby", was the older one and much more mischievous compared to Alyson, "Aly". Twelve and extremely dangerous on top of that. Both of them had the same dark hair like me from Dad except they got Mom's green eyes. The only way I could tell them apart physically was by their hair. Abby always kept her hair shoulder length while Aly loved her hair all the way to her back which she braided ever so often.     

 Abby had this scary grin while investigating me like a cop. "So, aren't you going to tell us about her?"

 I shook my head no.

 Aly chimed in, "It's a good thing you're finally seeing other girls. You looked so miserable when Haley dumped you! We were scared you would turn into a hermit crab."

 The twins giggled and I shook my head in annoyance. All of this was normal though. These two — ever since they could breath — loved snooping about every detail in my life.

 Abby then continued on asking me who the girl I took on a "date" was.

 I sighed. "It wasn't a date. We went to high school together and decided to catch up for lost time. You two don't even know Lana Clarke."

 Aly's green, round shaped eyes widened as she gasped. "The one that dresses up like princesses?!"

 Abby nodded continously, all excited. "Oh my gosh! Tommy likes her!"

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