Chapter XXXVI

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When I opened my eyes again, we were in a different room, smaller, filled with vases, bottles, books and a big cauldron in front of a window from which I could see the moon. The ceiling was higher than any other I had ever seen, and despite the room seemed to be big, all the things it was filled with made it look smaller than it actually was, or so it seemed to me.

Pandora was laying on the ground, covered in sweat and taking deep breaths, Wiese was right beside her, covering their cheek, and Gail floated above us, quietly sobbing with her hands around her throat. I looked around and saw Pandora's book not so far from me.

"Look inside the pages, Majesty," I heard the vigilante's voice in my head, "you will find what you need. Witch," somehow, the voice changed, it sounded louder, stronger, "do not take your time when she does what she'll have to do."

Then it came the silence. I floated to the book and saw the pages it was opened in. Absorb magical energy as a ghost, I read for myself, and understood what the vigilante meant. The description was clear on how to do it, but it would be risky for me, or my three mes, as the whole poison and hex would leave the bodies of Pandora, Wiese and Gail.

"No ... no ... " Pandora said, trying to recover her breath and standing from the ground, but her body wasn't responding.

Do not doubt. Do not doubt. I said to myself, trying to be as brave as I had to be, and did what the page said.

I draw a circle in my left wrist with my right index finger, one, two, three times, one for each of them. A ring appeared in my skin, shinning bright in a white light, and I felt a sweet sensation on my muscles. Do not doubt.

I put my hand on Pandora's chest, who was the nearest to me, closed my eyes and let my senses guide me. It didn't took that long. Soon, I could feel myself wrapped in a spider's web, toxic, flaming, trying to dismember me. Somehow, I could feel Pandora there, too, her essence, her being, and I concentrated on taking that web with me, that its threads only enveloped me.

Each of the threads lashed me causing me to scream in pain, as they took possession of me, but I kept my mind just as it was, setting Pandora free from the spell, absorbing the pain, the hurt, the poison, everything that held her captive.

A burning lash on what I thought was my throat let me know it was the last one, that my friend was free. I opened my eyes, covered in espectral tears, to see her relieved, recovering herself from the effect. When she saw me, she screamed in horror.

"Alynne! Oh my Gods!" She covered her mouth with both her hands, but I had no time. Wiese was next. As I could, I went to them, and started to do the same, ignoring the sound of the pages that Pandora was going through frantically, looking for something, and the bottles around her moving by themselves.

Wiese's web was smaller, not as extensive as Pandora's, but it took me longer to get rid of it. My chest started to burn, when I opened my eyes, everything was blurry, but clear enough for me to go to Gail, who was now crying in pain. My sight started to go to black when I touched her. 

"Hear my words, make them swords," between the numbness, the pain, the fire and blackness I was in, I started to hear Pandora's words. I closed my ears immediately and focused again on Gail's web. Her voice faded away as I got immersed in the tide and took the last lashes of the girl, who then opened her eyes.

I tried to do the same, but the threads swallowed me, deeper and deeper inside on my own mind, wrapping me in a red hot iron cage. It was becoming smaller, smaller, smaller. It could fear, I could scream. My mind had only space for the pain, the hurt. All of my was set on fire, flames consuming me and rotting my being.

"As I will so mote it be!" As Pandora shouted, something grabbed me by the arms, lifted me and took me back. Just like before. Just like when I was doing the bridge and I heard The Tenth's voice. But it was different this time. It all felt softer, gentler, the air around me was sweeter, and I didn't had to fight at all, only had to let go, feel this new ocean and flow with it.

I could feel my body again, my arms, my legs, all of me, just for a second, and then felt the hard ground on my back. In the distance, I could hear someone cursing in a language I couldn't recognize at first, but it was the Lingua dè Fae, the language of the faeries. Was she still watching us? Was she this powerful?

I am more than you can ever imagine, little vixen. Just wait and you shall see.

My eyes opened then.

"Alynne, oh God, you're back, you're back," Pandora hugged me at once. "Never do anything like that again, please, promise me."

"She's here. She can see us," I said in a trance. My head was spinning, but I couldn't forget what happened, what I had heard.

"What are you talking about? Who's here?" She asked with concern in her eyes.

"She, The Tenth. She can see us in here. She has always seens us."

"Damn whore ... Can she really see us?" I nodded with tears in my eyes, taking the hand Wiese was giving me and watching Gail, who rested by my side. "I'm done. I'm done with her and her garbage." Pandora started to look for something again in her book, engulfed in fury and rage, almost getting rid of the pages as she searched.

"If she wants to play from a distance, so be it." Pandora placed her hands on the pages she had found, closed her eyes and started to speak the same language, the Lingua dè Fae, so fluent that it seemed like her mother tongue, and somehow I understood her words. "Diejenigen qui leben dans les dunkelheit, écoutent ma stimme au ferne, que la maléfluch zurückkehren à celui qui l'a provohat."

A crystal ball had formed on top of the book. I could see a thick, black mist in it, almost liquid, with a strange blue reflection, and that began to move violently, almost psychotic. There was something reptilian about it that made me gag, the way it moved inside the crystal, but I couldn't say exactly what it was.

"Choke on it!" She spat, and then Pandora threw it to the ceiling, but the ball didn't break as I thought it would, but crossed it as if the ceiling were made of butter.

* If you're wondering what the spell is, it's a combination of French and German: "Those who live in the darkness listen to my voice in the distance, let the curse return to the one who provoked it

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* If you're wondering what the spell is, it's a combination of French and German: "Those who live in the darkness listen to my voice in the distance, let the curse return to the one who provoked it."

Want to know how it should sound like? It's a combination as well. Write it in Google translator and select Arabic as if it were written in that language, and click on the "Listen" button. Dot the same but now select Greek. The Lingua dè Fae would be like a combination of those two different pronunciations.

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