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[they'll use me as a warning sign,
that if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind]

"Father! What is the meaning of this foolery? Mjölnir has already found me worthy to wield it."

Loki grimaced at this fact but kept on with his charade as his father. He laughed to himself when he thought about how many times Thor had fallen for his trickery.

"I do this because you may be worthy, but you are not capable."


"Silence boy!" Loki yelled in Odin's voice. "Put your hammer down." Loki barked at Thor.

Thor squeezed the handle.

"You can't do this-"

"Yes. Yes I can."

Thor took a deeper breath before he let his hammer fall to the floor which caused a loud thud that cracked the marble floors of Asgard.

"You will go to earth and you will find what you've been missing all this time. Only when you acquire it will you be worthy in the true sense of the word. It is known."

"Find what Father? What is known to you that is not to me?"

Loki smirked to himself and walked over ripping the badges off of Thor chest causing his drapes to fall to the floor.

"Love my boy. You must find love."

Thor was completely confused but before he could ask who he thought was his father what he meant, Heimdall was already sending Thor to earth.

Loki smiled to himself and watched as his brother fell to the land of the puny mortal humans.

"Find love brother."


"Kali....Kali! Are you even listening?"

I snapped my head away from my book and looked for the source of the noise and realized it was my friend Delilah.

"Lilah, first of all, I told you not to call me Kali. My name is Khaleesi. Ka-Lee-See. Not Kali, not LeeLee, not Sisi. Second, I was reading, so what was so important that you had to pull me away from the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet?"

Delilah rolled her eyes at me knowing that I could never be completely mad at her.

"Look, I know you're upset about-"

"No it's fine. Who cares if it's my birthday weekend? No you go along and go on your date."

"Kali, you know I've been trying to get a date with Aiden for about a year now. What if he's the one?"

"You think 'the one' for you is a douche bag rich boy?"

Delilah played with the ends of her curly red hair basically oozing as images of Aiden flew through her mind. I rolled my eyes and took a sip from my coffee before I started the car.

I truly loved Delilah but at times she could be a bit dull. Yes, she was one of the smartest scientists that I've ever known but when it came to social skills, she had shown time and time again that she didn't have any.

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