Defeating the Alpha

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A few things before we get to the story.

1 - I am NOT a professional author. I don't even consider myself to be really that good, so i expect my stories to have mistakes. I'm sorry for every last one, but it does not make me an idiot. I write purely for fun, and in my free time. (Something i have considerably less of now that summer is upon us.)

2 - I'm sorry this is so late. I know i promised it yesterday, but we had a small problem involving my very real friend named Blake, blue hair dye, high heeled shoes, a cow, a duck, and a cop who didn't know the meaning of humor. Don't ask. I won't tell. No one got hurt. But trust me, it'll be freaking hilarious in a year. Or two...

3 - I do not explain every little thing in my stories because i like to let my readers fill in the blanks themselves. Like when Luna tripped over Drake the first time he turned invisible. Some of you got it. Others didn't. And that's cool. I don't mind answering your questions concerning them, but they are not mistakes. They are very much intentional!

And last but not least, thank you so much for supporting me! I love reading your comments, and every time i get a new fan or someone clicks the little "vote" button, it makes my day. So thank you :)

Chapter 15? Defeating the Alpha

The full moon hung suspended as if held there by invisible strings, the light brightening the forest, illuminating the nearby lake and making my skin glow a ghostly shade. I took a deep breath of fresh air, enjoying the peacefulness the forest offered at nightfall. The overwhelming scent of Pine was a pleasant distraction from the many werewolves who had gathered here. Too many to count.

They stared at me as if I was a puzzle they had been tasked with solving. A riddle. It was annoying, but entirely unsurprising. Chastity was probably the only other female werewolf any of them had ever seen, and she was nowhere nearby. Hiding, probably. She didn’t strike me as the type of wolf who would willingly mingle with the lesser wolves of her Pack.

Not that I was, either. But then, they weren’t my Pack.

We stood apart for it, Draken and I, watching the wolves from a ledge some fifty feet above them. Feeling the hum of electricity in the air, the call of the moon trying to bend us to her will, my wolf snapped impatiently within me, demanding a release I would not give her yet. She howled a sound only I could hear, and I mentally tethered her to the ground.

Fortunately, I was above the moon’s call. And while I felt the pull as much as anyone else, I only answered it when I wanted to. As a matter of fact, it was one of the many things that made me such an abnormality. Most werewolves had to shift periodically, or risk having their wolf take control. An outlet of sorts with dire consequences. A wolf who has overtaken it’s human counterpart is our biggest taboo. There is hardly anything more dangerous.

Patience. I whispered to my wolf. She whined, but backed away obediently. I felt my lips lift in a smile. The night of the full moon was always the hardest time to keep a wolf in check. Many of the lesser wolves had already succumbed to their other nature and were walking around on four paws.

It was this that made our wolves restless. This intangible energy that the moon called forth, making my skin tingle with the promise of freedom. Which is all our wolves really wanted. Freedom from the human bodies that enslaved them so fully.