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i was told to say this

1 do you have a crush? if so who? Yes my girl friend

2 dose he/she like you back?  Yes

3 who is your OTP? i dont know what OTP means but i do ship   @LuckyRainbowCharm with a boy named Gavin

4 whats your vaverit collo? green, black, red, blue, and purple

5 whats  your real name? Dexter

6 are you singal or taken and if so by who? Yes, my gf Dirk

8 how old are you? 14

9 whens your B-Day? Agust 13

10 were do you go for free time? what free time i have school and hockey then i baby sit for little kids

11 name one place you want to go. Irlend

12 what coller is your hair and eyes? brown and brown but when i get mad my eyes go black were you cant see my puples

last but not least 13 what race are you? im portorican, natev american, and Iresh.

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