"She's just," I pause, not wanting to discuss this any longer. "she's someone I can't let go of, okay? She's going to be safe and sound, don't worry."

His hand rubs my shoulder. "Just be careful, Justin. I know you would be mortified if she got hurt. Don't be selfish about this."

I nod my head, as if I was taking any of his words to heart. Of course I would be heartbroken if Allison got hurt, but I won't let that happen.

Mike says goodbye, his presence needed elsewhere. He is done lecturing me, for now.

"Justin," Allison's sweet voice calls me from my trance.

"What is it, baby?" I sigh, feeling myself forget about the memory of Mike.

"You missed the turn." She giggles, pointing back at her street I have just passed.   She was oblivious to everything going on in my head, and in the real world.

I mutter a sting of curse words, doing a sharp u-turn in the deserted street. "What were you thinking about?" She inquires, her eyes holding worry.

"Nothing, doll." I catch her rolling her eyes in my peripheral vision but let it slide.  I can tell she was getting sick of the lies. I will have to tell her eventually, but it was far too soon. She needs time - well, mainly I need the time to figure out what the hell I was going to say to her.

Pulling into her driveway, I already regret not inviting her to stay the night at my place. "Thanks for taking me, tonight. It was fun." She sends me a sly grin.

I lean over the centre console to press my lips to her cheek.  "I'm glad, and you were by far the most beautiful girl there."  I'm not even trying to be sweet, she truly was a diamond in a mound of coal.

She blushes, I sure do make her blush a lot. "Thanks, Justin."  Her head turns and I take the opportunity to glide my lips onto hers, opening my mouth to create a meaningful, long kiss.

"I'll see you later, baby." With one last peck she steps out of my car, waltzing on her stone pathway towards her door.  I watch carefully as she unlocks the door, ensuring that she was safe and sound before pulling off down the bumpy road.

I feel bad for keeping Allison in the dark about everything, however, I know it's best for her.  Allison is very independent, and I can just see her doing some stupid shit like telling Darrell about Jacob, or wanting to fight the battle herself.  I can't let her worry about things like her safety, that was my job. 

My mind flashes back to Jason.  Why was he even at the gala?  The last time I remember seeing him was a family event Mike had hosted, and the only way he got Jason, Jazmyn and I in one room together was to lie.  Mike told Jason I wasn't coming, while he told me that Jazmyn wasn't coming.  Needless to say, when we got there, we were fuming.  Jason curses the ground I walk on and I would rather watch paint dry than see my sister's face.

It worries me that Allison met Jason, all the possibilities of what he could have spilled to her float through my mind. Although Allison said nothing happened, I could tell she was alarmed by something.  She wasn't a very good liar, if you've forgotten.

Jason never was the type to ruin anything for me, however.  He just steers clear of my life, as I his.  He has no respect for me, thinking I left the family for my own personal alibis.  He didn't know that I sent Grandma and Grandpa a cheque every month for him and Jazmyn, and I couldn't care less about telling him. 

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