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"It's my crazy life but I won't lie, she love it"


"I still can't believe I met Drake!" Allison squeals as we cruise down the empty highway towards her house.  "Why was he there, anyway?"

"That man has so much money, he doesn't know what to do with it.  He shows up to see if there's anything worth investing in." I answer.  And my company is certainly one his money rolls into.

She nods, staring at the black concrete laid out in front of us.  I have trouble focusing on the road, as her beauty kept reeling me back in.  Allison always looks beautiful, don't get me wrong, but tonight, she glowed with such radiance and poise it made me want to throw her in the back seat and - never mind.

Overall, the night was fairly successful.  I'm sure Allison had fun.  Although, Mike did chew me out for even having her there.

Mike doesn't necessarily 'approve' of me bringing Allison back into my life. 

"What the hell, Justin." Mike hisses the second we reach a back corner of the gala. "What are you doing with her?"

"She's eighteen now, uncle. She can make her own decisions." I sigh, even though she had no opinion on me coming back into her life.

"I thought you understood, Justin. This life, it's not good for her." He shakes his head, looking me up and down as if he didn't recognize me.

I roll my eyes. "I'm keeping her safe, nothing bad will happen to her." I have no doubt that I'll keep Allison protected, however I didn't know what kind of obstacles would be thrown at us.

"Does Darrell know about this?"


"I'm sure he's not happy about that." He snorts, snaking his head once again. Sure, Darrell wasn't thrilled to see me, but if he wanted to keep his job, he knew to stay quiet.

My hands unconsciously ball into fists at the turn this conversation was taking. Can't a guy just be happy? "Darrell doesn't give a fuck, and neither can you. Allison wants to be with me, end of story."

Mike laughs, "End of story? Let me ask you Justin, does Allison know anything? The fact that you met her when she was eleven? That you run a drug business? That you almost got her killed?"

"She didn't almost die." I hiss out. "And you forgot to mention that the only reason we got into that accident was because of your psychotic son!"

"Exactly! You don't know what can happen to her!" Mike proves his point and suddenly I can hardly see him. My eyes cloud over with black clouds of smoke, anger getting the best of me. I hate that Mike was right. I know that I can't predict the future, and that my life is anything but safe for Allison. But I was a piece of shit and wanted her in my life, no matter the consequences that come with it.

My throat burns with all the words I want to say. "Just keep Jacob away from us and everything will be fine." I seethe. I gave up Allison once, I wasn't going to do it again.

Mike sighs, "What is so special about this girl, son?" He visibly softens, as if he could see the animated smoke I thought was flying out of my ears.

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