Fallin' Up ~ 10 {Jaebum FF}

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"Please, I will do anything you want me to. Just please Y/N... I like you so much I never thought about ever hurting you. Instead, I thought about making you the happiest girl on earth," Jaebum says and this point you can feel your heart racing. It was cute hearing those words come out of Jaebum's mouth.

Why was it so hard to be mad at Jaebum? You wanted to forgive him.. Very much... but what is stopping you? It seemed easy thinking it but actually doing that was harder than you thought.

You sighed and that's when it hits you... Jackson's words began to replay in your head.

"He uses girls for his own advantages... I mean haven't you noticed why he never had a proper girlfriend? Because here he is sleeping with girls and then leaving them without speaking to them again after he gets what he wants."

Should you ask Jaebum about it? Will he tell you the truth? Now your head was flooded with so many thoughts.

"So will you forgive me?" Jaebum asks with pleading eyes and you sighed. You didn't want to say anything but if you never know why Jaebum never had a girlfriend, there is no way you could forgive the guy.

"Jaebum.. how many proper girlfriend have you had in the past?" You asked him and he looks at you completely confused.

"Why do you ask?" Can't he just answer your question without asking questions himself?

"Just please answer the question," you asked looking down waiting for him to probably tell you a small amount.

"two or three.." Just as expected.

"And how many girls have you slept with?" You couldn't help but ask looking at Jaebum and he continued to look at you confused. Now he probably couldn't count because it's too much.

"Y/N.." There you go... He can't even answer your damn question.

"Jaebum.." You just needed to know the truth.

"Why are you asking me these questions?" Jaebum asks you and you sighed out of frustration.

"Because... Jaebum, I never actually seen you with a proper girlfriend and I've heard things about you sleeping around. How do I know you aren't going to just sleep with me and then leave me," you said annoyed and walked off to the kitchen not caring what Jaebum had to say at this point on.

You were so annoyed and furious with Jaebum. You didn't want to hear Jaebum's response but then again you did.... You didn't know what you really wanted at this point on.

You sat down on the counter and feel tears form in your eyes. Stop crying...

"Y/N," you hear Jaebum says following you into the kitchen and he walks up to you. Was he finally going to answer your question?

"Do you want the truth?" Jaebum asks looking right at you and you stared at him directly in his eyes.


He sighs and looks at his hand. He looked completely guilty. But you wanted to hear the truth out of his mouth.

"Y/N... I'm not going to lie to you... In the past, I used to only use girls to sleep with and leave. But I was younger. I never took anything seriously, it was all fun and games for me. But the more I came over to your house and spent time with Jackson I was around you more and I knew you were different. You made me feel feelings I never felt before. I felt butterflies, I felt my heart race and everything whether you did something embarrassing or cute I would blush for an unknown reason. I tried to ignore my feelings but enough was enough. The day at the cookout is when I knew I wanted you more than just a friend. I looked at the way you smiled when we dance together and the way your eyes brighten up when you were around family. I know my past will obviously follow me but I'm not that guy anymore... I don't want my past to define me how I am as a man. I just want to be with you and only you. Not to sleep with you but to have a future with you."

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