Chapter Fifty-Four» I Love Her. She Loves Him

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She was mad.

It was no brainer, that the woman beside me was angry. She didn't need to say it. The way she sat in the car, her body tense and her dark hazel eyes flaring with the occasional anger. Revealed everything.

A wave of ink rolling in them. An enchantment of smoke filling those orbs narrated her disapproval. Her face remained neutral yet the way she held her hands together, the way she fidgeted her thumbs indicated she was nervous yet at the same holding herself back.

The white dress she wore remained elegantly across her beautiful figure. Her brown hair falling down, cascading across her back and down her chest. As if she was an angel, descending from the heavens. A light in this dark night.

An angel who looked beyond pisseď.

" I'm sorry babe, look I won't do it again" I confessed slowly. My hand gripping against the steering wheel.

The sudden sound of the woman beside me, inhaling sharply reached my ears. Flickering my gaze towards her, I could see her jaw clenching tightly, and despite the tension in the car.

A wave of amusement trailed through me. She looked breathtaking. She didn't even need to try, to have all the eyes plastered on her.

Everywhere she went, all eyes were focused on her. Her gaze was magnetic, gripping on to everyone. Snapping those hazel eyes towards me, I found myself losing my grip, easily falling in to the mirage in them.

As if they held the desert in them. Leading a traveller home through the star lit sky.

" You've made many promises before Omar" She muttered. Her gaze trained on the road ahead of us making my body tense. The utter hatred and anger in her words knocking the breath out of me.

Clenching my jaw tightly. I welcomed the eerie silence, hearing it dawn upon us. Taking a turn through the long road, finding ourselves swimming through the forest of trees.

My eyes always seemed to find hers, every single second; whilst she tried to avoid her gaze. An ocean of emotions swimming through her eyes.

" I'm not sorry that I kissed you Naina. I'm sorry that you - that you didn't expect it from me" I murmured accusingly and I knew I had no right. Yet why was it, that everytime she looked at me with that disgusted look on her face. I felt my heart scrunching up. As though someone was plunging sharp nails in them.

The look she once wielded had long gone. It looked as though, she now didn't care. As if nothing bothered her any more.

What had I done to her!

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