Part 1

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Ever had a sense of déjà vu, so strong, yet you just cannot seem to grasp a firm hold on the past, of what happened the time before? Before this rerun occurred?

This wasn't like that.

I shifted in my seat, trying to rid my poor leg of its dead feeling, after being squashed in the non-existent legroom for so long. The vehicle swerved to the right and my grip on the armrest tightened.

The sun came out for a moment as the bus passed a field of fresh corn; their golden heads tilted towards the sunlight, soaking in as much of it as they could, but their beauty only deepened my bad mood.

The metallic buzz of music reached my ears, blasting out of someone's headphones and most probably securing them a considerably quieter future.


I looked up to see a group of kids in hysterics.

"You looked!" one of them shouted.


I rolled my eyes, and bent down to grab my bag from the floor. I dumped it on the chair next to me, and rummaged around until I found my mp3. I leant back in the chair and shoved the headphones in; when suddenly the bus screeched to a halt.

I whacked my head against the metal bar in front.


Screams echoed.

In my head?

Were they coming from me?

Or those around me?

I could not tell.

My vision blurred.

I closed my eyes, wishing with all my might that I wasn't concussed; I counted to ten, and then opened them slowly. My brains were throbbing and I could feel a lump forming.

The vehicles engine coughed noisily a few times then burst back into life, and continued on its journey. I stood up and wobbled down the bus towards the driver.

"What the hell happened there?!"

That was a little harsh I guess, so I kindly rephrased it, "Sorry, Why'd you stop?"

He glared at me in the mirror.

"There was a deer on the road."

"Couldn't you've honked at it or something?!"



"Will you please sit down while the bus is in motion? Or I'll report you to the authorities."

Muttering dark words of darkness, darkly under my breath, I returned to my seat.


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