Dinner with the family - Chris Motionless

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Daddy and I are going to dinner with my parents, my mother is very excited to see him for the first time, we been together for five years but I didn't want my Father to get into Daddy's head and make him feel bad so they haven't met.

I'm very nervous, My Father has hated everyone I was with before Daddy, Chris, so there's no doubt he'll hate my awesome Dom.

Daddy thought it would be nice to treat them to dinner so he made renovations to a fancy place, I tried to stop him but he only said;

'Do you think Daddy doesn't know what he's doing? Daddy is the boss here, little one, you don't tell me what to do.' I swear in the moment my knees went weak.

But, right now I'm dressing myself so Daddy can get dressed too and doesn't have to worry about getting me ready. He usually dresses me for everything, and he picked my outfit out which is exactly why it's a short tight black dress that stops at my mid thigh, it's long sleeve and the neck of it is high enough to hide cleavage.

He also brought out my black heels that I haven't worn in ages, luckily they still fit and I can still walk in them without face planting, it's happened before and it's not fun.

I'm in our bedroom that has my stuffies on the large bed, my pacis in a small jar on the dresser, my favorite movies under the TV, my oneies and rompers in the closet and so much more.

I still have a playroom where a crib is for when I sink into a little space younger than my usual age which happens a lot, I also have a cage for when I feel like a little puppy more than a little girl, Daddy is great at taking care of me no matter what I feel like.

I'm also genderfluid, so I switch between a little girl and a little boy quite often, he's always careful to ask what I feel like and he always cares for me in the right ways, no matter if I feel like a little boy. I love Daddy to death, I can't imagine my life without him.

"Baby, what happened to waiting for me?" Daddys deep voice enters the room, sounding slightly disappointed.

He had told me to wait for him so he could change me like he does, but when he left the room to get ready in the bathroom, I immediately got dressed so we wouldn't be late because of me.

He's in a black suit with a black tie and undershirt, his makeup on his hazel eyes, his piercings staying in, and his death hawk is slicked back, teased a little like his sideburns.

"Sorry, Daddy, I just don't want to be late cause of me." I explain myself, playing with my fingers nervously, I haven't seen my father since he told me I had a horrid taste in men and that I'd be better off with his best friends son, Micheal.

It's a stupid reason but it hurt me, the men I've been with are Dom's who could be better and was better than Michael in every way, especially Chris. Michael couldn't do half the things Chris does for me, he couldn't accept me as well or lovingly as Chris has, and more importantly; he couldn't be a Daddy like Chris.

Daddy wraps his arms around me, pressing me into his chest and kissing my forehead, his large hand rubbing my lower back soothingly.

"I'd never let the happen, Doll. If anything we'd be late cause of me."

I look up at him, a giggle slipping out knowing he's referring to when we were late to a dinner at Josh's and Ryan Ashley's house to celebrate Ashley's win on Ink Master, only cause he accidentally poked his eyes with some eyeliner and messed his makeup up, having to start over.

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