the waiting.

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before i knew it, i was primped and polished.  my hair was swirled and curled and pinned and hairsprayed until it was stiff and piled on top of my head.  i had at least three pounds of make-up on my face.  my feet had been shoved into stilettos that i could barely walk in.  and i was squeezed into a corset that pushed my boobs up to my chin, then a black nightie had been shoved over my pile of hair and i was wrapped up in a hot pink, silk robe.

i looked ridiculous.

della, on the other hand, was absolutely stunning.  the stylists had forced her to ditch her piercings, they'd treated her hair so it at least looked healthy, silky, and shiny.  it was curled in ringlets that reached down to the middle of her back, and her make-up was so light and flawless you could barely tell she had any on.

while we all waited on our beds, groups of girls formed around the room, talking, laughing and gossiping.  i sat on the edge of the group of girls, who could only be described as "the girls you hated in high school."

"i heard that it's really big," one girl said.

the girls all giggled and another added, "my cousin is friends with the duchess of new west coast and she said the key to getting the prince is to orgasm. a lot.  even if you have to fake it, just do it.  the royals love it.  it's the way to get them to pick you for their wife."

della and i exchanged a look.  then della rolled her eyes, "i gotta pee.  pray for me that i don't fall," she grinned pointing to her heels.

as she walked away, a strawberry blonde slid onto my bed across from me.  "are you her?" the girl whispered.

"i'm sorry?" i asked, confused.

the girl leaned forward.  the smell of her sweet pea body spray was overwhelming.  "the girl that's always with prince dominick.  his best friend."

my face dropped and i shook my head, "sorry."

"sorry you're not her or sorry they won't let you tell me that's who you are?" she questions with one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows raised.

before i could answer, lynette traverse, d.j.'s assistant stepped into the room.

"noreen groves," she called out.

i stood up and raised my hand.  "we need to see you about some paperwork," she said.

everyone turned and looked at me.  they watched as i clomped out of the room.  lynette shut the heavy door behind us.

"oh, you look like you're loving this," she snickered.

i rolled my eyes, "so much."

"he's up in his room.  i'll come get you when it's time," lynette said as she opened the door to a maintenance stairway.

i walked slowly, very slowly up the three flights of curving stairs.  finally, i reached the top of the stairs and slunk down the hallway to d.j.'s room.

"holy shit!" d.j. exclaimed before he busted out laughing.

"shut up," i grumbled.  i tossed my heels across the room and jumped onto his bed.  "what are you watching?" i asked.

d.j. smirked, "royal news daily."

"ugh, turn it up, i guess," i said.  royal news daily was the nation's pop culture gossip news show.  they were obsessed with d.j., charlie, and their sister, arabella.  "what are they talking about today?" i asked.

"they're, uh, speculating whether or notmy cousin, junie, was wearing fake designer shoes on the red carpet at that children's event my mom hosted last week."

"and in another news, it's loyalty weekend in the royal palace, and for those of you who aren't keeping count, prince charles has just a little over three months to announce an engagement or he has to abdicate his throne to little brother, prince dominick.  so what to you guys think? you think he'll settle down or will we see baby brother on the throne?" chad brinkman asked on the t.v.

"oh my go-"

"shhh, i wanna hear this!" d.j. shushed.

poor d.j. had no interest in taking the throne, but he didn't have the heart to tell his parents.  charlie was the oldest and next in line, but totally inept to the idea of ever settling down.  at twenty-four he was still obsessed with partying, drinking, and sleeping around.  arabella was next in age, but in a long, heartbreaking process, the senate deemed her unfit to run the country, so if all else failed, d.j. was all his family had to keep the crown in their direct family.  from there, it went to d.j.'s cousin, marvin, who was an absolute idiot.

lelani stars, chad brinkman's co-host situated herself on her stool.  "i think the public would rather see prince charles take the throne once king dominick steps down.  he's the oldest of his siblings, which makes him a born leader.  when he was a kid, he was in the senate almost everyday with his father."

"right," kim hopper said, "and i agree.  i think prince charles had his party years, he got it all out of his system and now he's ready to settle down with a wife and start a family."

d.j. and i burst out laughing.  we kept making jokes about charlie until we were laughing so hard, tears were running down d.j.'s face.  we both fell back on the bed laughing and then d.j.'s face grew serious.  "are you nervous?" he asked quietly.

i sighed and rolled over onto my stomach.  "part of me says no, and the other says yes.  i mean, what girl isn't nervous to lose her virginity?  but on the other hand, all of these other girls are losing their virginity to a stranger, and me, i know charlie," i paused, "which i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

that's when there was a knock on the door.  "c'min!" d.j. called.

lynette slipped into the room and looked directly at me.  "he's ready for you," she said with an empathetic smile.

i sighed and hopped off the bed.  "here we go."

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